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Amaran dari Syarikat Pemasaran Internet No. 1 Asia: Mencari pereka web? hanya pergi ke syarikat reka web atau pereka web. Peneraju Web ? pergi ke syarikat peneraju web. Ingin jadi peniaga online No.1? Pelajarai dari Guru Pemasaran Internet Terkenal No.1 kedudukan dari enjin pencarian terkemuka - eOneNet.com. Laman ini menawarkan segala yang anda perlukan untuk jualan online, dan buat faedah, sedunia, walaupun anda di Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Asia, Middle East, U.S., Europe atau di mana sahaja.

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The best integrated shopping cart and affiliate program software with many powerful features only available in shopping cart software or affiliate program software which costs at least 200% more!

eOneShop Affiliate Program Software Features

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Shopping Cart Software Features

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2-tier affiliate commission tracking
eOneShop Software makes your affiliate program more attractive by offering 2 tiers of affiliate commissions and provide great incentives for affiliates to promote your affiliate program.

    Tier-1 commissions
    - Tier-1 commissions are earned by affiliates from direct sales referrals - paid to your affiliates for referring customers who order products directly from your site through affiliate links.
    - Tier-1 commissions are set by a percentage of the price of the product or a fixed dollar amount

    Tier-2 commissions
    - Tier-2 commissions are earned by affiliates from sales of other affiliates who signed up your affiliate program through their affiliate links
    - Tier-2 commissions are set by a percentage of the total sales (before taxes and shipping, if any) of all the sub-affiliates

Automated affiliate sign-up
An automated affiliate sign-up form with editable text to add the terms of your affiliate program.

Affiliate log-in panel to view statistics, and edit contact information
Password protected log-in to enable affiliates to view statistics and reports of sales and commission, edit contact information and change passwords.

Automatic banner and link codes generator for 2 tiers to track affiliate sales
The affiliate link code generator enables the administrator to create banners and text ads for affiliates to use in their web sites, ezines, and emails. Once the administrator enters the banners and text , the code generator automatically inserts each affiliate's ID into the code so that they can copy these codes from their affiliate support panel

Commission and payment history reporting
Inside the Administration Panel main menu, all the affiliates' names are listed with up-to-date summaries of Clicks, Orders, Earned, and Unpaid statisics. View stats and history for each affiliate and the details of each order

Admin panel to set and manage store configuration and affiliates
Password protected administration panel login.
Set up and maintain store configuration, product catalogue, affiliates
Send emails to affiliates and customers in HTML or text format
Integrate third party applications for email list management and bulletin boards
Generate online sales reports sorting by date, product, or customer

Customizable affiliate and catalogue pages
HTML templates can be used to customize the affiliate and catelogue pages.
HTML page templates can include backgrounds, images, links, meta tags, style sheets, and JavaScript.
Background colors, fonts, order form, shopping cart button, order links can be customized

Shopping Cart Catalogue or Custom Product Pages


Products can be displayed for sale from a product catalogue, static HTML pages, and even from email messages, simultaneously.


Handles all kinds of products: physical, downloadable digital, key codes and password access subscriptions


License agreement may added to each product and required for purchase


Easy modification of store logo, background colors, borders and font type


Shipping per product is added to the cart subtotal before or after sales taxes (if any)


Sale tax and shipping calculations: flat rate, UPS, FedEx, custom zip-zone-rate tables


Notice of sale e-mailed to customer, admin, and affiliate


Customer info and IP address recorded for each transaction

Dynamic Shopping Cart Pages
Page contents can be generated from product information stored in a database, which can be integrated with your site contents and design. This makes it easy to organize many products.

Static Shopping Cart Pages
Order Form code is used to include shopping cart subtotal boxes and View Cart, Checkout or Buy buttons withing static HTML pages. This method allows for complete customization while having full shopping cart functionality. Only basic HTML skills are required to insert OrderForm code into pages.

Discount coupon codes set for products
Discount coupon codes can be created for each product. When the correct discount code is entered and the product is added to the shopping cart, the discount will be automatically deducted from the product amount before taxes and shipping.

Secure Download of Digital Products


Secure download of digital products such as ebooks and music to protect your product files against unauthorized downloads.


Download is allowed only after payment has been processed


Automatically generate a random password after payment and email to customer a link to the download log-in page


Set limit to number of days for validity of passwords and number of times of downloads


The destination IP address for each download is recorded which can be used to trace unauthorized downloads

Password access to subscription directories
Sale of password access to subscription directories. The length of time for validity of the password to access the directories can be set.

Remote Order Links
Order links can be placed in web pages and from within emails. The order links go straight to checkout with the specified products in the shopping cart basket.

Popular payment gateway system integration for secure payment processing
This shopping cart software can be integrated with popular payment gateway system such as eOnePay (link to eOnePay section), PayPal, WorldPay.

Manual payment options can be created for customers who prefer to pay by check or other payment methods.

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