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Internet marketing seminar e1SEMINARS : Live in Asia

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eOneNet organises popular internet marketing seminars across Asia.

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You can also get internet marketing training, workshops and seminars in multi-languages

English internet marketing workshop
Chinese internet marketing workshop (中文互联网营销研讨会) - Mandarin / Cantonese

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If you are also interested to organise internet marketing seminar in Asia at other countries, in popular cities like Tokyo ( Japan ), Seoul ( Korea ), Hong Kong, or Brunei, please feel free to contact us for Joint Venture opportunities.

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Best Internet Marketing Seminar Speaker - Fione Tan
Internet marketing speaker

Fione Tan's Profile

  • 2009 Distinguished Brand Award ( Hong Kong)
  • 2008 National Women Entrepreneurs' Award
  • Ranked No.1 Internet Marketing Coach (2003-09)
  • eOneNet.com CEO
  • 8-figure online sales per year
  • Clients include Fortune 500
  • Featured by Bloomberg, CNBCAsia, ChannelNewsAsia etc
  • Speaker fee US$4,500 for 45 minutes

Visit FioneTan.com

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