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Amaran dari Syarikat Pemasaran Internet No. 1 Asia: Mencari pereka web? hanya pergi ke syarikat reka web atau pereka web. Peneraju Web ? pergi ke syarikat peneraju web. Ingin jadi peniaga online No.1? Pelajarai dari Guru Pemasaran Internet Terkenal No.1 kedudukan dari enjin pencarian terkemuka - eOneNet.com. Laman ini menawarkan segala yang anda perlukan untuk jualan online, dan buat faedah, sedunia, walaupun anda di Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Asia, Middle East, U.S., Europe atau di mana sahaja.


Search Engine Optimization
– Search engine submission and guaranteed top search engine ranking and placement

SEO stands for search engine optimization, the science of optimizing web pages for top ranking in search engines. eOneNet.com, the top SEO company, offers SEO services including guaranteed top search engines submission, placement and ranking services for Google, Yahoo and other top international search engines and search directories. If your site is not optimized before you submit it to search engines, your site will be buried under million of web pages, which can hardly be found in search results. According to survey, over 90% of surfers will only look at the first 3 pages of search results.

Why submit your site to search engines?
Search engine marketing is the most costs effective way to drive targeted and qualified traffic to your site, and to enable you to expand your business to the world without hassle.

For example, if you are looking for N95 mask, you will go to a search engine and search for “N95 mask” or similar terms. As an interested prospect, you will be highly motivated to buy from one of the sites listed in the search results. If your site is not listed in the first 3 pages, the prospect will buy from your competitors who are there instead.

Want a Yellow Pages ad in every city of the world for the price of one ad?
There can be millions of web pages for the keywords of your products in a search engine. If your site does not appear in top 20 search results of an international search engine like Google, it will be virtually impossible for your site to be found. If your site achieves top search engine positioning, it's better than having an ad in yellow pages directory in every city in the world! Imagine how much it would cost to have a yellow page ad in every city of the world, compared to the costs of getting top ranking in search engines.

For example, one of our clients www.2SARS.com has launched a site selling N95 3M mask. As soon as they achieved top ranking in search engines, they received orders from Japan, Taiwan, and the US, without spending a single cent of marketing in those countries.

How can we guarantee top search engine listing?
Each search engine has its algorithm, i.e. a set of rules to sort through million of web pages to determine which ones are most relevant to the search which you have to crack if you want to get top listing. eOneNet is the leading SEO company and search engine placement expert who has mastered the search engine optimisation secrets with thousands of top search engine rankings. We guarantee you top 20 ranking with the keywords that you select, or money back!

SEO Submission Plans
90% of the traffic of most websites are derived from top ranking in search engines. eOneNet's guaranteed top search engine ranking services will boost your site ranking, and traffic on top of your competitors. If you do not include search engine marketing in your marketing campaign for your site, you would be losing 90% of traffic to your competitors' sites who have done search engine optimization and top placement!

eOneNet engages in ethical, approved and proven search engine optimization techniques which guarantees your site top rankings in the selected keywords with different packages.

Search Engine Optimization Plans Standard Features


A “Before” (optimization) ranking report


Add keyword search to check the best keywords your customers are searching for


Create meta tags for title, description, keywords, images


Hand submission to top search engines and directories including Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, DMOZ (Open Directory), AOL Search, AllTheWeb (Fast Search), Netscape, iWon, Hotbot, Excite, MSN, Looksmart, Teoma, Lycos, About.com, Earthlink, Northern Light, Whatuseek, ExactSeek, Search.com, Metacrawler, Dogpile


Increase link popularity of your site by adding link to our high link popularity site www.eOneNet.com


Search engines submission confirmation report


An “After” (optimization) search engines ranking report More...


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