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7 Ways to increase website conversion instantly

Top 5 Reasons To Participate Exhibitions

  • Generate leads and enquiries

  • Distribute products / services info

  • Make presentation to raise interest

  • Seek strategic alliances and partners

  • Build brand in the market

Top 5 Tips for Maximising Your ROI
The more leads an exhibitor can generate, the higher is the ROI. eOneNet participated in Multimedia Asia 2000 and signed up over 1,500 members during the show! Here are the Top 5 Tips:

  • Determine the objective - generate leads, sign up members, product demo etc

  • Have sufficient manpower to attend to the booth (we had 8 people)

  • Must be pro-active in not just talking to passing visitors, but to draw visitors to the booth

  • Offer gift premium, lucky draw to increase traffic and capture visitors' data

  • Be present, boss! (I was personally present, attending visitors during the 3 days of the show)

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