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Best B2B Email Campaign in Malaysia in 2002

A Japanese brand used email marketing to promote a seminar held in Malaysia last month. This email campaign produced a whopping response rate of 8.5%, compared to the industry average 1% to 2%. On the date of the seminar, it took me 15 minutes to find a space in the hotel carpark to park my car.

Email Marketing Taking Off in 2002
Email marketing has become a main stream marketing vehicle in the US, which will account for 24% of the overall marketing budget in 2002. (Direct mail is 24%). In Malaysia, the email trend has taken off in the last 6 months with quite a number of companies launching email campaigns for the very first time, including telcos, banks and fast consumer goods companies.

If you decide to do it, you may be tempted to do it yourself using Outlook Express or some email software program. However, if you want to drive a much higher response rate, make sure that you engage the service of an email marketing specialist who will be able to help you from acquisition of email database, planning of email campaign, design of email template, execution to reporting of number of emails delivered, opened, clicked etc.

If you are still not integrating email marketing into your marketing campaign, time is running out against you!

Who Says e-Commerce Doesn't Work in Malaysia?
How often did you hear negative comments about e-Commerce in Malaysia, whether it's owing to security issues or low internet population? I beg to differ! If you have the right marketing strategies, your customers will flock to your website to make a purchase. An excellent example is when they offered local single flight tickets at RM10. More than 2,000 people booked and paid for the tickets online within 24 hours!

Another example is an online florist, After the website is listed on the first page of Yahoo!, they have been receiving orders almost every day, and 90% of orders are from overseas, even as far as Netherlands. How could they have received orders from overseas if they did not have a website and have it listed on Yahoo!

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