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5 Tips to Immediately Boost Your Holiday Sales!


Feature special festive offers in the home page of your website
Make special offers such as discount, buy one get one free, free shipping, bonus offers etc. Make sure the offers are contained in the home page of your website so that it can be easily found. An alternative is to have an entrance pop-up window featuring your special offers, i.e. when a surfer visits your website, a pop-up window will appear. An example of this can be found if you visit


Use email marketing with discount coupon
Send out emails to your existing customers and subscribers featuring the special promotions in your website. Include in the email a discount coupon or code which will entitle them to further discount when checking out.


Run a contest for FREE holiday purchase
To entice visitors to complete the purchase, run a contest to pick a lucky winner to refund him/her the costs of the purchase


Guarantee delivery
Specify in your website when the order must be placed in order to guarantee delivery


Gift wrapping service
Offer gift wrapping service without additional charges If you can implement some of these tips immediately, you can expect to have your holiday sales increased!

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