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7 Tips of Highly Effective Elevator Pitch

My partner and I attended an Elevator Pitch for Investments in Singapore last month. There were 60 companies each doing a one-minute elevator pitch before a group of venture capitalists and angel investors. We could distinguish between the professional and the amateur pitchers, even in one minute!

So what exactly is an elevator pitch? It is a window of opportunity you might get when taking an elevator with a potential prospect (especially in Silicon Valley). You have only 30 to 60 seconds to sell your ideas, products or services to your audience or venture capitalist during the elevator ride.

Here are some tips to create a good elevator pitch.

  • Grab attention
    Out of 60 presenters in the Singapore session, only 3 or 4 used this technique. One pitcher presented with his partner screaming and yelling before he started, and he's pitching for a medicine which claims to cure lunatics.

  • Speak clearly and forcibly with confidence
    Most of the presenters spoke with a soft voice, some murmuring with words. You bet they would not be heard or remembered. Speak with PASSION!

  • State the problems and benefits concisely
     You can say who you are and who is your company, but in just one or two sentences. Focus on what is the problem and how you can provide solutions to those problems, clearly and concisely.

  • Say why are you different
    State in clear terms why you are different, why invest in you?

  • Use a memory hook
    This is to put a memory tag to you and your company. Again, out of 60 presenters, only 3 or 4 used a memory hook. Some interesting memory hooks include:
    - We sell God (on a pitch for investment in building temples in an island)
    - Ask for More, Ask Pepsi, Ask for More Returns, Ask eOneNet.

  • Call for Action
    Offer to meet the prospects, pass to them your name cards, executive summary etc.

  • Finish it in one minute sharp
    Prepare and practise to make sure that you finish in one minute or slight less than one minute. Over 80% of the pitchers couldn't finish what they wanted to say in one minute.

Develop A Good Elevator Pitch
The key to developing a good elevator pitch is to practise, practise, and practise. Now in Malaysia, there is an international organisationwhich helps its members to develop powerful elevator pitch, by allowing its members to deliver a "60 seconds presentation" of their business during their meeting each week, with the purpose of generating referrals of business among members.

This organisation is Business Network International (BNI), which claims to be the world's largest referral organisation with over 2,300 chapters worldwide, passing 2.1 million referrals amounting to more than RM2.8 billion worth of business in 2001. eOneNet is proud to be the website manager for their website

Whether you want to develop a good elevator pitch or to increase your business via referral marketing, you are highly recommended to visit their meeting to find out more!

Let me end with a memory hook -

Don't just do it. DO IT WITH eOneNet!

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