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5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Website

5 Reasons Why You Don’t Need A Website Three years back, 60% of people I met (in Malaysia) didn’t have an email address and 97% of businesses didn’t have a website. Today, it will be the exception if you meet someone without an email. However, it’s still the norm that most small and medium sized businesses (even for some big corporations) don’t have a website.

The reasons that I’ve heard include:

  • We are still a small company
    The Internet has created a level playing field. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a SOHO, your website appears on the same size-screen in a computer. Even if you are still a small fish, you can still compete with the big sharks provided that you know how to make your website sell.

  • We are not ready today
    It’s true that we need to plan our Internet marketing strategies. Rome is not built in one day. But we need to lay the first brick today, not tomorrow. Getting your business online and making it work is a step-by-step process. If you are not ready today, you bet your competitors are!

  • The Internet bubble has burst
    Worldcomm has also closed down. But are you still using your telephone? The Internet bubble has burst, but does it have any bearing on your using the Internet as a channel to expand your business, and to save costs?

  • We don’t have a budget
    It does not necessarily mean that the higher budget you have, the higher is your chance of success on the Internet. You may always take a baby step with a small budget. A website’s investment may be equivalent to the cost of only one day’s small advertisement in a newspaper.

  • The true reason
    I think the true reason is fear of failure. If you know your website will not fail, but will help you pay your rental and your staff’s salary and save hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, what will you do? I think you will have the answer.

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