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How To Increase Your Sales Instantly With Email Marketing

Some traditional businesses may be affected by SARS and the war. However, if you can take action fast, not only can you minimize these adverse effects, you may also be able to increase your sales.

Use email Marketing

Integrate email marketing with your advertising campaign by taking the following steps:


Work out a special promotion exclusively for an email campaign.

Get an email list of the profile of your target customers, either by renting an opt-in email list or advertising in an e-newsletter which fits the profiles of your target customers.


Work on the copywriting of the email. Pay particular attention to a compelling headline, irresistible offer etc.


Design an HTML email template for better response.


Include viral marketing elements by inducing the recipients of your emails to refer their friends with some incentives.


Send out the emails, personalised with an email system which is capable of tracking the number of emails successfully delivered, opened, clicked etc.

The success factors of an email campaign depend on:


The Email list


The Offer



Successful Case Studies


A hotel in Las Vegas
After the 911 attack, the travel industry in the US was badly hit (similar to the present SARS situation in Asia). One hotel in Las Vegas sent out an email 10 days after 911 which resulted in bookings of 8,000 nights, or US$500,000 in sales.


eOneNet's enewsletter
We sent out an offer via this e-newsletter and made RM20,000 in sales.

If you want to use email marketing to turbo-charge your sales, email us at!

Bonus Tip

Update your website with promotions for festive seasons such as Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day etc. You may even raise the price with promotions. A good example is where they have raised the price up 20% for Mothers' Day delivery but their customers are still willing to pay for convenience and service!

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