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How you can sell online and make real money 2006 Seminar

BMW blacklisted by Google and how can you avoid it

Dear Entrepreneur,

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Fione Tan
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How you can sell online and make real money 2006 Seminar
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BMW’s website blacklisted by Google and how can you avoid it

BMW's German web site was blacklisted and removed by Google from its listings for using an improper search engine technique called “doorway pages”, using search terms such as “used cars” to increase its rankings in the search results, by automatically redirecting visitors to a different URL.

Google said that any site found breaking its rules will be temporarily or permanently suspended from its listings in order to preserve the accuracy and quality of its search results. Google is also removing the German site of technology product vendor Ricoh for similar reasons, the company said. A website is entitled to do search engine optimization in order to rank higher in search results, but must be done correctly and subject to search engines’ requirements, some of which are listed out as follows:


Misuse of doorway pages


Don't deceive your users or present different content to search engines than you display to users, which is commonly referred to as 'cloaking. According to Google, BMW committed this mistake by creating doorway pages which were stuffed with keywords which redirect users to other pages.

To avoid this, don’t use doorway pages, and if a search engine expert advises you to do so, fire him fast if you don’t want to get blacklisted by search engines



Overuse of keywords


Search engines produce search results relevant to the search terms. So in order to appear in the search results for a particular keyword, a website should contain such keywords. For example, if you are searching for “wireless mouse rechargeable” in Google, the websites listed in the search results should contain these 3 words, either together or separately in the webpage. However, some unscrupulous search engine expert would stuff the web pages with the keywords and repeat them many many times. If caught by search engines, the site will also be blacklisted.

To avoid this, don’t over use the same keywords. The rule of thumb is from the point of a user (not from the search engines), does the use of the keywords make sense in the overall contents of the webpage?



Use of duplicate contents


Creating multiple pages, domains or sub-domains with substantially duplicate contents can also get your site penalized. For example, if you have the same page appearing in other locations on your site, with different sub-url, your site may be blacklisted by Google.

To avoid this, don’t use substantial duplicate contents in your site

For a list of Google’s search engine optimization guidelines, go to

Fione Tan
President & CEO

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