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eOneMail - Intro

Email Marketing Software Solutions
for Small Businesses & Multinational Corporations

No Spams, Permission-based Opt-In Database Only

Three Options To Launch Your Email Campaigns:

Option 1: Do-it-yourself email marketing in 4 easy steps
1. Sign up for email marketing services which allows do-it-yourself (DIY) control, which is normally rented on monthly basis
2. Upload your email list
3. Upload your own HTML email template, or use the email template designs available, and enter your text message
4. Do-it-yourself email marketing softwares and subscription details are available for e1Club Member

Option 2 : Purchase email marketing software
You may purchase email marketing software, and then install this software onto your computer desktop, so you may set your email marketing broadcast. This is normally a one-time software purchase fee.

Option 3: We do it for you - Full email marketing agency services
Email campaign planning, email list acquisition and email list rental, email template design and programming, personalized email broadcast, highly advanced tracking and reporting

No.1 Asia Email Marketing Software joint venture between Japan's Best Email Marketing Company & eOneNet

- Less than 1 cent per mail - Do It Yourself
- Fast & Simple
- Personalized
- Fast Delivery
- ASP - Web-based email management and broadcast system
- Email sending speed up to 3 million per hour
- Importing your email list. Email database source provided by client in excel / csv format
- Sending personalized, targeted emails
- Auto-disallowing of duplicate emails
- Creating, editing email templates
- Performing pre-test of real campaigns
- Scheduling date and time for email sending
- Generating real-time advanced reports such as delivered, opened, clicked, invalid email addresses


ITEM (does not include any email database)




20,000 Email Sending Credits



60,000 Email Sending Credits



100,000 Email Sending Credits



Setup Fee



2 Hours Software Workshop



1 HTML Email Design (up to 2 times amendments)
- Hosted in costomer's own website



eOneNet managed Email Campaign (per campaign)
- Management of delivery of email campaign, testing & reporting of delivery, opened, clicked emails, plus data download of error email accounts



The packages above are based on your own html email template designs.

For eOneNet to design your email template, the rates are:-

a) Email Template Basic Design
- choose 1 email design from our web site templates or use your current campaign materials for customisation

US$200 (RM800)

b) Email Template Design & Programming
- choose 1 email design from our web site templates or use your current campaign materials for customisation, and includes 1 basic form programming within the email

US$250 (RM1,000)

To launch your own email campaigns with eOneNet's Full Service, SIGN UP NOW!

1. We do not use or store the email list imported by you into the system. Privacy of your list is guaranteed.

2. SPAMMING is strictly prohibited. You may only email to your own email list and opt-in email lists. Email to purchased list is not allowed.


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