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Time flies… it felt like yesterday when I penned my last message to U.. Feb '02 was a very special month to me, the shortest month of the year and yet the most happenings.

I was made realized a lot of underlying facts of life (not all are pleasant though) behind my frenzy lifestyle. The discovery created tinkle in me that I've been neglecting or taking for granted of people who are dearest to me, my family. The ones that had always been there for me through goods and bads… the ones that watched me taking my steps in life...the ones that always made me feel the greatest in this big world…

The process of unveiling this was definitely toilsome but it was worthwhile because the strength of our bonding was tested to the limit and proven the strongest. We have moved to another level now and I believe we will be continuously advancing towards betterment.

Now, I'm taking a bigger step in life as I'm traveling extensively with the purpose of wanting to explore life as mush as I could, wanting to challenge myself and wanting to live life to the fullest…

At present, I'm in Hong Kong a.k.a the ' City of Life' and will be here for the month of March. I truly hope my 'nomadic' lifestyle now will not be a hindrance for us to communicate and still looking forward to hear from U!

Loads of love,
Suwei, Founder of
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