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Warning for Pay-per-click advertising : Don’t spend a single cent on pay-per-click search engines advertising unless you’ve read this.

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Best Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising Tips
Pay per click advertising is also referred to as pay per ranking, pay per placement or pay per position. It's the fastest way to obtain top search engine rankings for your products and services.Your website can be displayed in search engine top results, for the keywords or search terms that you advertise in as fast as 15 minutes. You only pay when a vistor clicks at your link displayed in the search engine results and visits your site. So you will only pay for traffic to your site, and not just pure advertisement.

PPC search engine advertisement is determined in cost per click, as in how much you are willing to pay for a visitor. For most PPC search engines, the higher your bidding price, the higher your position will be in the search results.

PPC strategies allow you to attract targeted visitors and control your marketing expenses, as you can even set a daily maximum budget on your search term advertisement. If done correctly, you can actually drive more traffic to your website, and achieve a higher conversion rate with a lower marketing budget.

Check out free pay per click program list on the most popular ppc search engines and how you can launch a successful pay-per- click search engine marketing campaign below.

Most popular pay per click programs
Google Adwords
Overture (Yahoo search marketing)
Enhance Interactive (formerly
Miva (formerly / eSpotting)

The key to a successful PPC search engine marketing campaign is to determining the hot and profitable keywords, monitoring bidding / clicks pricing, studying the visitor conversion rate, and improving website sales. To increase conversion rate and the ROI of your PPC advertising, you should seriously consider eOneNet's PPC campaign agency management plans below.

As your PPC advertising agency, we will:-
- help you locate main search terms related to your business products and services (to ensure that you will be targetting the right prospects)
- create and setup your account in the PPC search engines
- draft and create your PPC advertisement (in English or Chinese)
- prepare a monthly performance report on the performance of your biding / clicks of search term keywords
- manage your pay per click advertising program budge


 PPC - Business

 PPC - Retail

 PPC - China

Description of Account Creation and Click Bidding

In top 3 international ppc search engines

In top 3 international ppc search engines and 3 shopping ppc search engines

In top 3 Chinese Pay Per Click Search Engines ( China top ppc search engines)

Setup Fee




Monthly Management Fee

(30% of PPC expenses min. US$200)

30% of PPC expenses (min. US$200)

30% of PPC expenses (min. US$200)

Monthly Bidding Fee (Min.) 





The minimum contract is 3 months plan, and this will be charged on pre-payment basis during your initial sign-up purchase with us.

If you want to get top rankings in search engines in as fast as 15 minutes, select one of the above PPC Advertising Management packages and Click the Buy Now button NOW.

Want to get top rankings in Google and Yahoo in the organic / natural search results for FREE (so that you don't have to pay for any clicks received)? Check out our Guaranteed Top Search Engines Ranking Plan.


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Other regional and local pay per click program
(ppc search engines)
Go Click
Page Seeker
Search Cactus
Search Feed
Search Galore
Search Port


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