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Internet marketing seminar Internet Marketing Club – Paid Membership

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Best internet marketing membership site deal. For just US$9.99 per month, you can get eBooks / Softwares worth over US$50 every month. This is the ideal package for website owners, and internet marketers who can access all the latest website marketing strategies, tips, and popular eBooks.

Now, you can know exactly how much you will spend online each month. The normal price for this Membership is US$19.99 but since we have just started this membership package, we are giving you more than 50% discount on the regular price, and it's just below US$10.

Do you want to make money online? Now, you can learn the insider secrets and apply the proven internet marketing tips, to start generating your Income on the Internet, all for less than US$10 per month.

eBooks, website softwares, all of these are very popular, and savvy Internet users, could probably buy at least 1 ebook per month. There seems to be so many websites selling good ebooks, but each time you make a purchase, this becomes an expense. How many ebooks have you bought this year? The price of an ebook could vary from US$19 onwards, with most ebooks retailing at US$97.

Rather than buying one ebook for US$97, you can now get more than 10 ebooks / softwares for the same amount with your 10 months membership. Remember, we are giving 1 free month for each 3 months that you sign up, so for just US$89.91, you will get a FULL 12 MONTHS membership. You automatically save US$29.97 and get the 3 months free, by paying only for 9 months membership fee.

Yes, I would like to get started. What are my options?

1 Month Access at US$9.99
(Normal price : US$19.99)       
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3 Months Access at US$29.97, FREE 1 Month (Total 4 Months)
(Normal price : US$79.96)
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9 Months Access at US$89.91, FREE 3 Months (Total 12 Months)
(Normal price : US$239.88)
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We guarantee that each month, we will provide you the link to download ebook / software being retailed at prices above US$50.

The ebook topics and softwares will all be related to Internet Marketing so it will cover all areas of your website business, including:-

  • affiliate programs
  • email marketing, and viral marketing
  • joint venture (JV)
  • copywriting for effective sales letter
  • search engine optimization (SEO) to improve website ranking
  • checklist for websites design, navigation & sales conversion
  • starting your online store in shopping malls, and eBay Auction Trading secrets
  • website tools, automation tips, autoresponders, and web site scripts

    The selection of ebooks and softwares that we will bring to you as our members, will be reviewed carefully by our team of Internet marketing consultants, so that you will be getting the best internet marketing tips for your website.
    International popular internet marketing gurus and ebook authors

    Basically, all the info you will ever need for your website business
    - For Beginners : start an Internet business from scratch
    - For Advanced Website Owners : boost your website traffic, and increase sales

    The choice is Yours. Which one would give you more value?

    Current Online Shopping
    Buy 1 ebook at US$97
    e1Net Internet Marketing Club
    Only US$9.99 per month and you can get ebook /software valued above US$50
    Annual Cost = US$1,164
    (assuming 1 ebook monthly @ US$97)
    Annual Cost = US$89.91
    (Regular price US$239.88)

    Compared between the two choices above, you are GETTING AN AWESOME BARGAIN, by just paying US$89.91, for similar products that you will otherwise have to pay US$1,164, so you immediately save US$1,074.09

    What else can you do with over this extra US$1,000 in savings? Go for a nice holiday? Get yourself some brand new clothes, and accessories? Upgrade your laptop?

    What are you waiting for, just SIGN UP HERE

    Note from Fione:

    Hi Internet Entrepreneurs,

    I still remembered the very first time, I bought an ebook and it cost me US$97. I never did finish up that ebook and do not even remember which computer I've downloaded on. This hot offer for the membership was what I have been looking for, all over the Internet, for the last few years, and I'm so pleased that we could offer you the chance to get so many more GOOD ebooks and softwares, even below the price of only ONE ebook.

    Let's start your powerful membership today!

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    - 1 Month US$9.99
    - 3 Months US$29.97
    - 9 Months US$89.91

    1 Month membership means from the first day to the last day of each month. It doesn't matter that you are joining at the end of the month, because you will still get the same access as those who have joined at the beginning of the month. It only takes you a couple of minutes to download your free eBook, and each month, the eBook / Software available for download are different.

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