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Internet marketing seminar How to make money with FREE Business Blogs Seminar

World's No.1 Internet Marketing Coach* presents World's No. 1 Internet marketing Blog seminars*
*Source from top International Search Engines

The 1st blogging seminar in Singapore that exposes the secrets of launching your business blogs in less than 5 minutes, getting top rankings in search engines, and driving a stampede of traffic to your website.

"eOneNet’s Internet marketing blog is already getting us massive traffic, thousands of more top rankings in search engine, and extra 6 figure income, without additional expenses, and this is the power of blog marketing!" Fione Tan, President & CEO,

Internet Marketing Seminars Series

Internet marketing Singapore Blog seminar on 3 Apr 08 (Thu),
7 - 9pm @ Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore


Internet marketing Singapore seminar on 14 June, 08 (Sat), 2pm- 5.30pm @
Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore

How is eOneNet different from other Internet Marketing coaches or Internet marketing seminars?

  • eOneNet has the most cases of successful making money stories, not just a bunch of hype-up newbies. Many students started an Internet business from scratch after attending eOneNet's Internet marketing seminars and now earn an income online or have increased their sales.

"Using eOneNet's Internet marketing success system, my site got No.1 rankings in Google in 7 days and got orders from Japan, Korea, U.S with more than 100% profits," H. Lau,

"I recouped all my investment into eOneNet's course within 3 months, became a full-time crystal seller online, and won a Yahoo top seller award within 6 months." Ryan Li,

"I made more than HK$450,000 within one year after joining eOneNet's coaching, with the biggest one order of HK$300,000." Ruby Chan,

  • Unlike fly-by-the-night "gurus", eOneNet owns office, computer lab, with a team of experienced web designer, programmers and all tools you need to sell online and make money, instantly.

  • Fione Tan, head Internet Marketing Coach of is ranked TOP Internet Marketing Coach in top search engines with thousands of No.1 rankings in top international search engines.

  • and Fione Tan, President & CEO, have been extensively featured on TV, including CNBC Asia, TV2 and TV3 etc and over 100 articles in Business Times, New Strait Times, The Star, Malaysian Business and all other major media.

  • Unlike other Internet marketers whose only expertise is to sell Internet marketing ebooks or info, eOneNet has extensive real life making money experience for its websites and its clients, including NEC, FujiXerox, Apple Malaysia, Goodyear.

  • Fione Tan is a sought after International speaker on Internet Marketing seminars and has spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, Iran, U.A.E., Philippines, India, and other Internet marketing seminars - CommunicAsia Internet Marketing Seminar 2002, Int'l Internet Marketing Seminar 2001, eBiz Seminar 2000, etc. She is the Malaysia IT representative to Asian Pacific Chambers of Commerce (CACCI) and panel Internet speaker for Asian Productivity Organisation Japan. For more info, visit

Internet Marketing Seminars Series

Presented By Fione Tan, President & CEO of - Ranked World's Top Internet Marketing Coach in International Search Engines

Learn how to

  • Create blogs for FREE in less than 5 minutes, even for IT illiterate people
  • Choose a good blog domain name for branding and marketing purposes
  • Get top rankings in Google, Yahoo, and other international search engines, for FREE
  • Use blog to drive a stampede of traffic to your website
  • Add audio blogs and video blogs instantly
  • Monetize your blogs , even without products
  • Get online payment facilities to accept credit card without a e-Commerce merchant account
  • Apply the ideas and skills learned in this power-packed workshop within 30 days and start earning an income online

This is NOT a preview , but an interactive workshop loaded with tons of Internet marketing tips and secret strategies which eOneNet and its clients are using to make money on the Internet (though we will also present various options you can take at the end of this workshop, including how our products, services, courses can give you a head start)

How to make money with FREE Business Blog

Seminar Date Time Venue
How to Make Money with FREE Blogs 3 Apr , (Thu)

7pm - 9pm

Reg. 6.45pm

Rendezvous Hotel,
9 Bras Basah Road, Ballroom 1, Level 2
location map

Register Now

Normal Fee: S$78
First 18 Payment $48 (Pre-payment via VISA / MasterCard)
$58 (Pre-payment via Bank in)

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eOneNet's Internet Marketing Seminar gets top billings in search engines Business Times Feb, 2003

Over 10,000 people from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Dubai, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines have attended eOneNet's paid Internet marketing seminars.

If you want to have a competitive edge over your competitors,
introduce eOneNet's Internet marketing seminars to your country, or to
customise our  Internet marketing seminars for your company or
industry, Contact us

Singapore Internet Marketing Blog
Internet marketing blog of #1 Internet marketing Asia company with tips of Internet marketing in Singapore,Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and Asia, and Internet marketing life-style of founder and CEO Fione Tan

Shanghai Writer Called eOneNet for Internet Disaster

eOneNet Prevents Loss of eCommerce Sales in 2007

Now everyone can afford eOneNet's Internet marketing coaching program

65% of Singaporeans go online

More people attended eOneNet's paid Internet marketing Singapore seminars (than free seminars)

Internet marketing seminar award 2006

Internet Marketing Blog


Queen of Internet Marketing
No.1 Internet Marketing Coach - Fione Tan presents Internet marketing seminars in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Asia

Fione Tan's Profile

  • 2009 Distinguished Brand Award ( Hong Kong)
  • 2008 National Women Entrepreneurs' Award
  • Ranked No.1 Internet Marketing Coach (2003-09)
  • CEO
  • 8-figure online sales per year
  • Clients include Fortune 500
  • Featured by Bloomberg, CNBCAsia, ChannelNewsAsia etc
  • Speaker fee US$4,500 for 45 minutes


No.1 Internet Marketing Seminars Workshops

Ranked No.1 Internet marketing seminars / workshops by Top search engines

If your life depends on one Internet seminar, how do you choose?

"Pick one which creates the most number of Internet making money success stories." Fione Tan, ranked World's No.1 Top Internet marketing coach by search engines

Who else wants to make USD10, 786 in 6 months from scratch, even for an Internet newbie?

"Does it work for an Internet newbie like me? I joined this Internet marketing VCD Megapack coaching course in September. Within 6 months, I made USD10, 786 from US, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, and even Yugoslavia!" F.C.Hor, founder,

You don't need another seminar or ebook. What you need is the World's Top Internet marketing coach who can give you all the support you need to start making money online.

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How to Choose Internet Marketing Seminar?
There are so many internet marketing workshops, online business seminars, and e-biz training, so how to choose the best one for you? Since it normally costs more than US$1,000 for each Advanced program, then what should you know before you buy another ebook or coaching program? Read More

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