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“I can sell any products in hot demand online. With the outbreak of swine flu, I sell N95 masks online. Within 2 days after getting No. 1 rankings for free in search engines, I received orders for more than 1,000 boxes from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, USA etc."

Harrace Lau,

Harrace Lau  

"After attending eOneNet's seminar, I've done 15 blogs in 3 months selling different things, one of which is an antiques blog, and made HK$420,000 within 2 months ."

Vianne Ip, Blogger


Vianne Ip  
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  • How to use Facebook, MySpace and other new ways of Internet marketing to help you cross million dollar sales mark.
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  • How to find and source for hot selling products online with annual million dollar sales potential
  • How to sell B2B and B2C
  • How to accwe get top rankings in Google, Yahoo search engines
  • How to accept online payment for Asian websites
  • How to make money with blogs
  • Case study of Million dollar websites and blogs
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  • Want to sell your products / services and build your brand online
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Shanghai Writer Called eOneNet for Internet Disaster

eOneNet Prevents Loss of eCommerce Sales in 2007

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65% of Singaporeans go online

More people attended eOneNet's paid Internet marketing Singapore seminars (than free seminars)

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Singapore Internet Marketing Award - Asia's Smart50

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If your life depends on one Internet marketing seminar, how do you choose?

"Pick one which creates the most number of Internet making money success stories, and the best support "
- Fione Tan
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Source: Bloomberg, CNBC Asia, Malaysia TV3, Malaysia RTM, and others

View eOneNet Internet Kungfu Launch @ Shanghai TV News

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