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Success Interview - Mabel Ng

Miss Malaysia/World 2002
Mabel Ng, the newly crowned Miss Malaysia/World 2002 / 2003, is confident, charming and knowledgeable. Here she shares her views on success, her inner worlds and upcoming plans in an exclusive interview with Fione Tan, President & CEO of

Please tell us more about your background (education, working experience, family)
I'm currently the Managing Director for 2 businesses,
a) Prima Oligo - taking care of Malaysia Northern Region distribution for this skincare range
b) Quickly - a popular beverage franchise that I've started with my brother in 2000.

I received my Degree with double majors in MIS and Marketing from Deakin University, Australia in 1999. Upon returning home to Penang, I started working in my family's training company named Mike Kriss Training, handling the sales and promotions aspect. The experience there has really opened my eyes, and given me great insights into the world of business.

As for my family, I stay with my parents. I have an elder brother, and a younger sister who is currently in Form 3. I've spent most of my early days in Penang, and was enrolled in a girls school. During my school years, I was quite plump, and tomboyish! At my peak during Form 4 & Form 5, I weighed 58kg, but luckily I've managed to shed off the pounds, and currently maintain a weigh of 48kg

Can you name the 3 qualities in you, which you think are important in grabbing the Miss Malaysia title?
The three main qualities are Confidence, Poise and Intelligence.

To be chosen to represent our country in the Miss World pageant is an important task, and I would definitely have to count on all of these qualities to make things work for me in Nigeria

Can you tell us your role as the Miss Malaysia/World 2002?
The theme of Miss World is "Beauty with a Purpose" and I hold this near to my heart. Apart from spending 1 month in Nigeria for the upcoming Miss World pageant, I will be taking on various charity events.

Whom do you admire most & why?
I definitely have to say it's my mom, Christina Tan. Not only did she support me to join the pageant, she has been there for me through all these years, more like a "sister" and a "friend". She acts more like an advisor, and always allows me and my siblings to make our very own decisions. This open concept of upbringing has made me what I am today, and I truly admire her.

What was your worst moment in your life and how did you overcome it?
My worst moment in life happened only a couple of months ago on 10th April 2002. It was my younger sister's birthday, but this year, it marked the death of my beloved dad. He passed away due to heart failure at the age of 55.

After that, I was filled with regret of not having spent enough time with him, but it was too late. To overcome it, my family members sat down together each evening, sharing our lovely experiences when dad was still around. I was depressed but at that point, I knew that I had to take care of my mother, and consoled her through the hard times. I took care of all the household chores, ranging from going to the market, cooking to cleaning.

What are your dream goals in 5 years' time as regards to career and family?
In terms of my career, I look forward to having my businesses grow. For Prima Oligo, it would be great if I could handle the distribution for the entire Malaysia market, and at the same time, start a fusion restaurant. F & B and cooking is really one of my greatest interests!

One of my ambition is to start an International charity organization with all beauty queens from all around the world. Together, we could do much more, and show to the world that "Beauty Queens are more than just pretty faces".

In terms of my family, I do not have any deadlines on when to settle down. When the prince charming comes, and it's the right time, I would gladly start my new family.

When did you start surfing the Internet and how often?
The awareness about the Internet was already there during my secondary years, but then I was not actively using the Internet. In my college years, I was already using the Internet daily, for checking my emails and communicating with my friends.

What sites do you normally visit?
Some of my favourite websites (apart from checking my email at, include and

Have you made any online purchases over the Internet?
Yes, Australian wines. I was searching for selected brands, and was unable to get hold of them locally. Thus, the best thing to do was to buy them from the Internet.

When you have your own website, what would you like the Website to do for you?
I'd like to share my personal life, my companies and my cooking recipes with the Internet users. Visitors will be able to know me up close, and find out about the latest charity events in place.

How do you keep fit? Please share with us some of your formulas for a healthy lifestyle.
No matter how busy I am with my business, I always make it a point to exercise :-
a) Gym - weight training for 20 minutes, daily.
b) Aerobics - twice a week
You need to carefully select your intake of food as well. Each day, I drink at least 6 glasses of water.

One of the method is a protein diet, whereby I consume only protein for 2 weeks. During such times, I avoid eating out by preparing my own food at home, and drink up to 10 glasses of water.

What does "success" mean to you?
To me, success equals happiness. It's the kind of feeling that you get when you wake up in the morning, and truly feel Happy.

Share with us your best tip of how to become successful in less than 20 words.
Feel contented, appreciate those around you, and always follow your heart.

For girls planning to join beauty pageants, what are the important preparations that they should do in order to excel?
It is very vital to keep updated on different issues, and current affairs. Then, visualise how you would tackle different questions from judges as well as from the media. I would recommend the girls to at least start a working career before participating, as there are various skills that you have to learn through your interaction with your colleagues, superiors, and the customers, such as discipline, and protocols.

For this pageant, I have packed my suitcase 2 days ahead, complete with a list of items to bring. Since all the finalists were given the daily schedules for the entire finals pageant week, I planned my outfits to match the different events. As our schedules are hectic, it helps to be organised through all times.

Then, of course there are the beauty rituals that you could do in the room. I brought along mini sample sachets of different facial masks, while my roommate provided the hair masks. It was fun sharing the products with each other.

It is also crucial to learn to respect others, and be supportive of your peers, as they are the ones who will be with you through the entire pageant. The successful pageant requires lots of hard work, and co-operation from all the candidates and the organising team

We would love to hear from you, if you are inspired by this interview. You may also suggest a successful person for us to interview. Just send an email to together with his/her achievements and the reason why you think he/she is successful.

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Mabel Ng - Miss Malaysia World picture

Mabel Ng - Miss World photo

Mabel Ng - Photo interview

Success Interview with
Miss Malaysia/World
2002/2003 Mabel Ng
By Fione Tan, the President & CEO of

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