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3M N95 Malaysia - Haze Mask KL, N95 Face Masks JB - Malaysia 3M Masks Wholesale / Face Respirators Supplier

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N95 8210 3M Mask - N95 8110s Masks Wholesale - Best Buy original 3M Haze Masks online store since 2003

Haze Masks Malaysia - N95 3M Respirators 8210 Face Masks
Ready Stocks of Haze Masks in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru N95 Mask

Worried of the haze from Indonesia or open air burning polluting our air? For the sake of your health, invest in high quality N95 Respirators, with the most popular haze masks being 3M 8210 Mask

Original 3M N95 8210 Respirator Masks
1 Box = 20 pieces of N95 Masks
1 Carton = 8 boxes of N95 Masks (160 pieces)

8110s masks - N95 kids masks for children swine flu mask

H1N1 Mask - N95 3M 8210 mask / 3M respirator

Shop Online confidently from reliable 3M N95 8210 Respirators wholesaler Buy N95 Masks by Boxes

Choose No. of Boxes with FREE Shipping Msia

Buy 1 Carton of 3M N95 Respirators Face Masks at discounted price
1 carton = RM320 (RM40 per box only)

Check Air Pollution in Malaysia during this haze season via Malaysia API readings (API hourly readings for main Malaysian cities) and find out where are the Malaysia´s hazardous haze readings here.

Guarantee from #1 Haze Masks seller in Malaysia, selling to over 10 countries since 2003:-

  • Genuine 3M masks - N95 8210 face masks
  • Fast / Courier delivery
  • Self collection from our grade A office at Menara UOA Bangsar (above Bangsar LRT). Please pre-order Haze Masks or check for availability by calling May +603-2284 6418
  • Installments plans available for orders above RM7,000 (free 12 months installments via selected credit cards)

Unhealthy air in Malaysia is now unavoidable and safeguard your health today by wearing face masks that can filter up to 99% of the haze, dusts, and airborne viruses.

Want to buy N95 masks for Kids? Get the 3M 8110s masks today for small size N95 respirators:

Choose No. of Boxes with FREE Msia Shipping

WARNING: N95 8110s respirators will help protect against certain contaminants classified as particulate contaminants. This N95 8110s respirator does not eliminate exposure to infection or disease. Misuse may result in sickness or death.

8110s masks - N95 kids masks for children swine flu mask

H1N1 Mask - N95 3M 8110 mask / 3M respirator

Shipping Policy:
Worldwide shipping is using regular parcel rate shipping by sea.

Estimated delivery time to USA : 21-28 working days
Estimated delivery time to Asia : 7-14 working days

Courier using DHL / Fedex or equivalent can be arranged at Additional Costs

Delivery of Swine Flu Mask orders are AVAILABLE NOW.

All customs duties / government taxes will be borne by customers.


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