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The rocky road to success

Malaysia SME - June 11 - 24, 2016 -

The president and CEO of shares her experiences growing to where she is now, successful and still hard at work

It’s been said by many that the pursuit of success is paved with hard work. This is no different for Fione Tan, President and CEO of Sdn Bhd. This company provides one-stop online marketing services and internet marketing training for multinational companies as well as home business entrepreneurs.

Born and raised in Jinjang, Kuala Lumpur, the US-educated Tan fondly recalls memories of a humble upbringing - something which laid the foundation of her future successes. Tan reminisced, “I was lucky to get a scholarship to study in the US. Although my parents worked hard, they could not afford to fund my education. They always told me that I had to both study very hard and work hard. It was my during the time with the Girl’s Guide in school that I realized how much less I had compared to others.”

In order to improve her family’s fortunes, Tan knew that she needed international education. “During form four and five, I went to the headmaster of my school to ask whether I was able to take the English language exam 1119. In the school’s record during those days, no one had passed the exam. I pestered my headmaster for two weeks before he finally relented, and was finally able to take the test at the other school,” she said. Tan’s persistence paid off – her passing this subject allowed her to study in the US on scholarship. Soon after, she retuned home and moved into the cooperate world.

My first job was at a public listed company in the finical industry in 1998. I did not know much about what to do at that time. During that time, there was a lot of cost-cutting going on the business world. Some departments don’t even have secretaries. As such, I did all the work. But I enjoyed the extra responsibilities because I was learning things beyond my job scope.

At one point during her stint, Tan was bringing 1 million in sales every month. However she was not making much headway in improving her own finance. This was when Tan had the idea to start her own business.

Online Opportunities

Even during her time as a student in the US, Tan realized how the internet would become a global game changer. Bit by bit, the idea of starting an internet company took root, with Tan keen to monetize her own desire for success as a motivator.

Tan said “At my second job at insurance company, I was getting no commissions despite bringing in a lot of business. My clients were focused on jewelry insurance. After that I had asked myself why not start my own business? I wrote a simple four-page business plan, and started talking business owners. I quit my job and started”

Tan was able to secure US$26,000 worth of funding and founded, the internet company was offering to templates instructions on how top build a website. The early days were tough; despite the launch of, sales weren’t coming in.

“After one week since starting,no one had emailed me. This is where I learnt that marketing matters. As I love to write, I put on a hands-on approach and instructed on how and where to put certain words. Since then our website appears on the front page of search engine when it comes searching the term “internet marketing training”. Most SMEs have this marketing problem. now offers marketing courses related to the internet, as well as online coaching. Tan also advises companies on internet marketing initiatives on one to six months periods. “Internet success coaching is what we do at the end of the day,” said Tan.

As for Tan’s personal tips for budding entrepreneurs, she has this to say: “Be willing to learn and attend regular talks, even at university levels. Find good role models – people which have already tasted success – and learn from them. These role models will give you tips you may have never thought of yourself.

Tan also said that young entrepreneur needed to have good support networks, in addition to being able to recognize destructive criticism pay any mind to it: “As 24 years old entrepreneur just starting, I met a lot of high ranking women at a seminar who said nasty things about me, but thankfully, others recognize this and protected me. People can be very supportive but one must not be afraid either.

The mark of an entrepreneur

Tan shared her own experiences going through challenges as an entrepreneur. Tan said, “ A lot of times you have to be persistent. You might think it is easy starting an online business, but it never is. You must be willing to sacrifice time and effort to start a business. “Your Idea must be scalable, sensible and practical. Limitations must be put in. This is not to say you cannot dream big, but you must have an action plan to reach that stage. If it doesn’t work, try again by switching around a little.”

On her choice of starting an online business, Tan said, “It is a 24/7 business. I usually like to work at night at 2 am as I am a night owl, so the industry suits me. A normal retail shop has to open physically, and you don’t get to travel while being stuck in the same area. E-commerce is flexible like that".

Your idea must be scalable, sensible and practical. Limitations must be put in. This is not to say you cannot dream big, but you must have an action plan to reach that stage. It is doesn’t work try again by switching around a little.
- Fione Tan

About, an Internet Marketing Asia company started in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur with offices in Singapore, HK and China. Founded by Fione Tan, it has won numerous awards regionally. eOneNet is also the Certified Training Provider of

The rocky road to success

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Interview of Fione Tan

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