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How to choose Internet Coach?

The Star Newspaper, 14-8-2012

Getting confused with so many internet marketing seminars in the market? Choosing the right Internet Marketing Coach can be the deciding factor of whether your online business takes off successfully or fails miserably. Fione Tan, President and CEO of and award winning Internet entrepreneur and coach, shares some tips on how to choose the best Internet Marketing coach.

Check the background

Ask about the company background. When did they incorporate? Do they have their own office or merely use others’ premises? eOneNet was incorporated in Malaysia in 1999, and has expanded to Hong Kong and China.

To run a successful Internet marketing course, there should be a good support team as well. “One of my customer said he had attended another internet workshop which was held in a hotel with more than 100 participants, but there was only one trainer and a few free-lance helpers only. Some of the students felt they could not learn anything and claimed a refund. As a result, the trainer marketed the seminar under a new company name,”said Tan. So beware of trainers who changed company name to organize their seminars from time to time, and also those who do not have permanent local office premises.

Any real experience?

Beware of “overnight Internet marketing gurus” who just learnt from a seminar, did a simple website or blog, and then turn around to start to teach. It is very easy to organize an internet marketing seminar and self-proclaim to be “Internet marketing coach”. Ask in more details what they sell, products, services or merely ebooks. If you want to sell B2B products, but they had never done this kind of business before, then how can they teach you?

While most others made money by selling ebooks and making money information, has more than 12 years of successful experience of selling real products, services, software B2B and B2C online, including N95 face masks, headphone, website builder software, and even Japan organic skincare.

How much is the Trainer making online?

Ask those who really know. Want to create an Internet business earning a million dollar each year? Then you should look for a coach making more than one million dollar. While many “gurus” promise to teach you to create million dollar online business, most of them did not earn any substantial income selling products online.

Top FREE rankings in Google?

If you want to learn how to get top free rankings in Google, you should learn from someone who can show you top free rankings for different products keywords. If the “gurus” cannot show you any such free rankings for competitive keywords, or worse still, if they are advertising in search engines, then how can they possibly teach you something they cannot do? has gained thousands of number one rankings in search engines, and has trained many Internet marketing students who could also gain top free rankings, bringing in millions of dollars of sales. “If the trainers advertise their seminars on search engines, they are likely to ask you to also advertise for your website similarly, which will cost thousands of dollars each month.

Choose the best coach

Fione Tan has won various awards including 2012 Jessica Most Successful Women Malaysia, 2011 JCI Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneurs Malaysia, 2011 Distinguished Enterprise Marketing Website Award ( Hong Kong Metro Radio ), 2009 Distinguished Brand Awards Hong Kong ( Capital Magazine ) and 2008 Malaysia Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs (SME Corp).

She has trained over 100,000 business owners and entrepreneurs to use free and effective Internet marketing strategies and has been hired by various clients from Japan to Middle East, paying her up to US$6,500 per hour.

The good news is now you can learn and get consultation from the leading Internet marketing coach in Asia without paying thousands of dollars per hour. All you need to do is to attend her Internet marketing seminar, one of the most popular ones in Asia.

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Choose an Internet Coach

Want to hire a reliable millionaire Internet marketing coach? The choice is yours. is now operating in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. For enquiries, please contact our Internet marketing offices

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