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Marketing Gangnam Style

The Star Newspaper - Jan 08, 2013 -

Mention Gangnam Style and what do you feel? Humourous video with unique dance moves, that is sure to bring a smile of excitement to many faces. PSY’s video Gangnam Style has reached almost 10 BILLION in YouTube views within 5 months, clinching the position as the most watched video in history.

Why a whopping 90% of business websites have low or no traffic or sales? The main reason is most business owners do not have an online marketing plan, according to According to Fione Tan, CEO of Internet marketing company and recipient of Business Women of the Year Award 2012 presented by the Malaysia Prime Minister in Nov 2012. It’s not just a marketing plan but a GANGNAM STYLE marketing plan that will keep your customers talking and excited to share the information with their friends too.

Marketing Gangnam Style

Plan #1 : Create Not just 1 Website
Most business websites were created 10 years ago and were just online brochures, whereas top successful websites were upgraded with the latest Web3.0 functions, including eCommerce, video and social media.

Already have 1 website, why not a second or a third one? While businesses strive to open more retail stores, having more websites equals more presence online. Create a company website, then another for each country (just like for our China market), or even individual websites for your most popular categories. The more times your company brand and products appear online, customers will have higher brand recognition.

To create such websites, many companies opt to use the latest website system such as, a Web3.0 application integrating eCommerce, social medial, and video, which allows you to create multi-lingual webpages and also accept online payment in multi-currencies. This way you can create multiple websites without the need of any web designer or consultants as anyone who can fill a form online, can use this super easy website builder software.

To request for a demonstration on this, contact office to see how this software can help you create a professional website with all the latest functions. One of the websites built by this software is, selling organic skincare online.

Plan #2: Avoid Single Income Source – Multiple Sources of Income
How do you earn your money? Get a high paying job or a great money making business, but what will happen you lose this single source of income. Therefore, many financial gurus are encouraging you to have multiple sources of income – be it from property investment, stocks trading, or Internet Business.

In the physical, it would be challenging in terms of resources to start different businesses or open more stores. However, on the Internet, anyone can run several different types of businesses at any one time, thereby creating multiple sources of income owing to the fast speed and flexible timing of running Internet businesses. It is surely the lowest costs for creating your multiple sources of income.

Just like how Gangnam style is picking up, PSY’s not only selling music CDs, now he also has sell-out concerts around the world, advertising contracts and lots of cartoon merchandise.

It is common for a clothes retailer, to run an apparel website and a website on losing weight simultaneously. “I’ve coached many entrepreneurs since starting my internet business in 1999, and a common trait among our INTERNET MILLIONAIRE students is that they don’t just have 1 type of products to sell”, says Fione Tan.

Plan #3: Embrace Free Traffic Generating Campaigns
No traffic, no sales. Even you have great products to sell and a great looking website, there will be poor sales if your website does not generate enough traffic. The top ways to get traffic for free include:

Search Engines Optimisation (SEO):
Getting free top rankings in search engines, is the best source of traffic, which is targeted and has the highest conversion rate among other ways of generating traffic.

Social Media Marketing:
Everyone is talking now, and most of the websites and even physical businesses are using to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Considering that there are billions of people surfing social media sites, this is a great platform to network and build your relationship with prospects and current customers.
The key is to learn how to utilize these tools, which mostly can be launched for Free, to promote products and websites globally.

Plan #4: Customers’ Viral Marketing
Some will recall the Macarena song of the 80s music and that was a big thing too. However, Gangnam style has taken it 1 step ahead with the convergence of powerful traditional media with the fast, viral Internet Marketing strategies. Not only can customers visit your social media profiles online, and websites, but now they can share the news with their network of friends. The key is to attract them to do “viral marketing” for you.

People who watched the Gangnam style video online, can share the video with their friends on Facebook, and even create their own versions of Gangnam style moves. If there is a benefit for them to share your contents, then the effects will be boosted so the concept of “what’s in it for me?” is playing on your customers’ mind.

For instance, check out our Free Samsung Galaxy Note II contest on with weekly cash shopping vouchers, which is free to join.

Learn from the REAL Gangnam Marketing Guru
While there are now hordes of Gangnam videos online, but there will only be 1 real PSY Gangnam Style. This applies also to internet business, so how do you choose which real Internet Marketing Coach to guide you towards making millions online?

“The key to success in making real money online is the willingness to learn from successful role models who are already making real money online, consistently” says Fione Tan, who has over 13 years of online business, since starting in 1999.

If you wish to learn from successful role models, attend eOneNet’s 2013 Gangnam Internet Marketing seminars at or call 03-2284 6418.

Check out the most popular Gangnam Internet marketing video at, which is not what you think!

Want to hire a reliable millionaire Internet marketing coach? The choice is yours. is now operating in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. For enquiries, please contact our Internet marketing offices

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