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Be an Online Millionaire

The Star Newspaper - Mar 26, 2013 -

Are you an aspiring female entrepreneur, but unsure of what to sell or how to launch your business? Fione Tan, Internet Marketing Coach and Award winning CEO of eCommerce company, shares how women can change their destiny, and create more wealth through her experience of selling millions of dollars online annually, since 2000.

For working women out there, do you want to continue working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life?

Great, neither do I!

Or do you want to have a balanced lifestyle where you have a great family, while enjoying a successful business? Interested to take a holiday whenever you want to, without worrying about your business or income? Yes, this is what many business owners are aiming for.

That was why I gave up my job in a public listed company, to pursue my passion – Online Business, as it is a business with unlimited income potential, despite just being 21 years old when I started my company,

Therefore, if you currently do not have an Online Business, there is no better time than now to start. Or, you already have a website business but not earning the sales that you are aiming for, why continue to suffer with the slow method of doing things?

Be an Online Millionaire

Here are some benefits that many women enjoy as Online Business owners.

Earn More Money
Want to earn more money? Whether you need to get out of debt, plan to retire early, be saving for your kids’ education fund, or to simply buy a brand new designer bag, you will appreciate the extra money Internet Business can bring to your life.

“One of my best students from my Internet Marketing Coaching program, who managed to get online sales over HK$1.7 million in just 9 months after launching her website business, as she was getting lots of free rankings in search engines” proclaims Fione Tan.

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Balanced Family Life
More women are now enrolling in universities and becoming higher educated, yet when a couple gets married and plans for children, it is mostly the women who has to give up her career and become a housewife. “I am a mother to a young child, and I realised that being a mom, is more hardwork than to run an ecommerce business as online business can be run on auto-pilot via a system. However, I am very fortunate to be able to watch my baby grow, while even managing my online businesses and can enjoy the best of my family and business life”, says Fione Tan.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of your kids’ growing up years, while still able to juggle your business, is made possible only if you have an effective, and systematic online business.

Live your Passion & Be Successful
Is there a hobby that you really love? Want to share a thought with other like-minded individuals as a community? Whether it is for your love for designing dresses or making jewelry, you can turn your passion into a business and Be SUCESSFUL in it.

That is one of the benefit of the 24-hour online business, which is the best launching platform for promoting your products and services globally.

“I’ve even personally coached homemakers who have to care for kids at home, to start a business with her passion of baking cakes, selling online and earn up to US$10,000 a month!” says Fione Tan.

How to Launch a Million Dollar Online Business
Whether you start with a slow selling via blogs or social sites, or create your OWN brand Hot-selling product ecommerce store, it takes the same amount of resources. As intelligent entrepreneurs and business owners, you will surely agree that you would rather start the business with a BIG Bang and grow your income exponentially!

Find out what is the fastest shortcut to get to where you want in life, by modelling other successful role models. If you intend to earn one million a year, then you need to find an Internet Marketing Coach, who actually earns millions a year, consistently, and not just follow any so-called guru.

According to Fione Tan, CEO of 13 years old Internet marketing company and recipient of Business Women of the Year Award 2012 presented by the Malaysia Prime Minister in Nov 2012, “The main reason is most business owners do not have an effective online marketing plan, therefore not able to fully utilise the power of the Internet Marketing to get more sales”.

2 Days Instant Global Online Business (IGOB) Bootcamp
Join 2 days internet marketing bootcamp that is suitable for both website owners who is unsure of how to improve their website marketing, or new part time entrepreneurs, who wants to start making money online.

Mark these dates : Mar 29 & 30, 2013 as this are the 2 days that can change your life!

Bring your own laptop and learn the hidden secrets that eOneNet has been using to generate millions of dollars in online sales annually, since 1999. Most people are just trying out online business to get by, whether it is the 100 dollar a month, good enough to just get a simple meal.

If you want quick-start success for your online business, to buy a bigger car, the house of your dreams or to be able to send your kids to the best universities, then this is the program you need to attend that will get you started in creating your lifetime of online business income.

Some of the things you will learn include :

  • Online Business 101 : Finding your niche, and developing your business marketing plan
  • How to source for Hot-Selling products, and find suppliers to partner with you for free
  • Want to be able to make money selling products, services, or ideas that you are Passionate of?
  • Real-world Internet marketing strategies, proven to work over and over again by eOneNet and the thousands of students that have gone through our programs

This is not a seminar, but an Internet Bootcamp conducted by our panel of Internet Millionaire Coaches, via experiential learning and million-dollar case studies. One of the trainers in the program, is none other than Fione Tan, who is worth RM20,000 per hour of consultancy. Bring along your laptop and experience the best 2 days that can transform your life!

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How do you choose which real Internet Marketing Coach to guide you towards making millions online?

“Stop making excuses, start taking actions. Start investing in yourself via ongoing education, as this is the only investment that you will never lose” says Fione Tan, who has trained people from all walks of life, from students, homemakers, up to public companies CEOs in their journey of Online Business.

Wait no more, what you decide now will affect your life 10 years from today! Call 03-2284 6418 / 012-232 8878 or visit

Interview of Fione Tan

Want to hire a reliable millionaire Internet marketing coach? The choice is yours. is now operating in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. For enquiries, please contact our Internet marketing offices

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