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Making the Most Out of Social Media

Making the Most Out of Social Media

The Star Newspaper - September 10, 2013 -

Are you constantly checking updates on your handphone and posting your latest news on social network daily?
However, have you considered how to turn the time spent on social networks to a money-generating machine?
A good solution to learning about how to make money from social media is to attend a seminar where you can pick up the social media marketing tips in just a matter of two hours or so.
Listed Top 25 Most Powerful Business Books by Times Bookstore, you can get a copy of Fione Tan’s The Internet Millionaire Checklist: How You Can Earn Your First Million B2B & B2C, With Or Without Products Book at local bookstores or on Amazon.
What are the benefits of attending online marketing seminars? There are three aspects depending on your goal:
A. Get promoted and boost career development-Get a higher pay climb up the corporate ladder as companies are now struggling to hire experienced online marketing executives, social media marketing managers
In the United States, social media managers are earning RM300,000 (about US$100,000)per year
B. Earn more money part-time- Whether you are an employee, student, housewife, retiree or just interested to increase your personal income, learning how to sell online and social media marketing will be vital skills that can determine the amount of money you can earn
C. Increase your business income and expand sales globally-Are you a business owner, retailer, service provider or manufacturer? Rather than just rely on old-styled marketing techniques, you should make use of the latest effective marketing strategies to boost your traffic visitors, improve lead generation and increase your sales.
Here are some tips for you to find the most suitable type of social media marketing or online business seminar.

1. Attend practical real-life class
Find class that can share actual case studies and not just based on theory. However rather than just listen to a theoretical class led by professors who rummage through the textbooks, you should look at practical Internet Marketing skills, which you can apply for your career development or boost your business sales.
"Since 1999, we have been selling online, including B2B, B2C, servive, digital and sorfware, therefore eOneNet Internet marketing seminars are based on our real life eCommerce successful case studies," says chief executive officer Fione Tan.

2. Find successsful Internet marketing coach.
Just like in the kung fu movies, you will aim to learn from the best kung fu master(sifu). In real life, you will also aim to learn from the best INtenet Marketing Coach. To find role model or business mentor, you can determine with points such as the number of years in selling online, amount of sales earned per month, or suport team.
One of the most prominent coaches in eOnenet include lawyer-turned-Internet Marketing Chief Harrace Lau who bring the latest tips related to China marketing, having consulted for companies with RM100mil per year.
As an award-winning Internet marketing coach, Tan has won various awards such as Business Women of the Year Award 2012 (presented by Malaysia Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib), and Website Marketing Award Hong Kong 2011.
Tan, who is also commonly known as :Internet Marketing Queen",has been reported to be worth Rm20,000 per hour.
If you are keen to discover more, attend any one of the classes. Social media marketing: How to Get More Leads, and Sales with Pinterest.

Did you know that Pinterest is the third most popular social network in United States with over 70 million users registered?
Don't miss out on the First Pinterest Seminar in Malaysia organised by eOneNet.
You will be able to learn what businesses should use Pinterest and six ways to use Pinterest for eCommerce - B2B and B2C.
If you wish to have these social media marketing training for your companies, you can also contact the eOneNet team with
the most suitable in-house training for your organisation.

Online business seminar
The longest-running Internet marketing seminar that is suited for people who do not know what to sell online, or business owners who want to improve online sales while reducing online advertising fees.
Discover what are the best-selling products online; learn the popular business models for online business and how to get free No.1 Rankings in Search Engines.

Half-day online business hands-on workshop
Bring your laptop and attend eOneNet's half-day online business hands-on workshop to understand what are the important criteria for starting a successful online business.
Most business websites were created 10 years ago and were just online brochures, whereas top successful websites were upgraded with the latest Web3.0 functions, including eCommerce, video and social media.
Already have one website, why not a second or a third one? While businesses strive to open more retail stores, having more web- sites equals more presence online.
The more times your company brand and products appear online, customers will have higher brand recognition.
To create such websites, many companies opt to use the latest website system such as, a Web3.0 application integrating eCommerce, social medial, and video, which allows you to cre¬ate multi-lingual webpages and also accept online payment in multi-currencies.
This way you can create multiple websites without the need of any web designer or consultants as anyone who can fill a form online can use this super easy website builder software.

Interview of Fione Tan

Want to hire a reliable millionaire Internet marketing coach? The choice is yours. is now operating in Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. For enquiries, please contact our Internet marketing offices
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