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Grow your business online

Grow your business online - The Star

BERNAMA , 6 March 2014

In a traditional business like opening a restaurant with rental, renovation and investment in stocks, you would need at least RM500,000 to start up in a nice location. It can take 18 months or more to get back the returns on your original investment.

However, with the new type of online franchise shopping mall concepts, you can start with just about 10% of the investment and get back your returns on investment in as short as three months.

eOneNet introduces a new business model for investors and business owners wishing to expand overseas via a proprietary online shopping mall licensing model. Those who sign up can use the professional services of eOneNet. com's offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China to help find reliable suppliers offering export-quality products without investing in any stocks.
Those who have their own suppliers and products can plug these into the online mall and use the powerful eOneNet online marketing tactics to sell online.
eOneNet Online Shopping Mall programme supplies popular items that could make up to 500% margin. An elegant evening dress costing USS20 (RM65) can chalk up an online retail price up to USS100 (RM327) or more.

More importantly, deliveries are handled by the eOneNet team and suppliers.
For business owners juggling the headaches of rising staff costs, increase in rental but reduction in profit margin, it might be the best time to discover new business models to generate new revenues, even if it means coming up with a brand-new business model online.

Register for a one-day hands-on eCommerce Workshop As a top Internet marketing coach. Fione Tan started her global online business in 1999 and was a recipient of the Business Women of the Year Award 2012.
She will share the latest trends for eCommerce in 2014 in a hands on eCommerce Workshop.

The workshop is designed for working executives planning to start a part-time business online or for business owners who wish to expand their product base. It will cover relevant topics such as popular products to sell online and how to source them from China, the two simple tips to get free rankings in Gdogle using an SEO that is instantly applicable.
It will also cover effective online marketing tactics to increase online sales, starting a global online eCommerce Mall without buying any stocks, the social media strategy to increase 1,000 fanbase and case studies of Asian millionaires in eCommerce.
In this training, get up close and personal with Tan as she shares tips on how the best online franchise is suited for you.
Tea breaks and lunch will be provided and attendees are advised to bring their laptops.

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Interview of Fione Tan

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