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1 Day eCommerce Marketing Workshop for B2B & B2C to Sell Globally


The Star Newspaper - May 13, 2014 -

By Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan

Warning : Read this before you start INVEST in your Website Upgrade or Attend any Internet BootcampsFind hot-selling products
If you are unsure of what type of products to sell online, you should check top eCommerce sites such as Amazon for best-selling products. If your product is not popular, you can create new products for your online business. eCommerce is the highest growth industry with the lowest risk so getting online makes good sense.

eOneNet offers digital marketing courses, ecommerce workshops and social media training courses for companies to build branding online, and for small businesses to sell online globally.

When I was speaking to an audience of about 1,000 people in China in April, I asked them how many were selling online and guess what? 700 hands were raised, but when I asked the same question in Singapore’s Internet Show Asia expo seminar just 2 weeks later, only 2 hands were raised among 120 people! This shows that if we do not improve our knowledge and start selling globally, how would we end up after 5 years? If business owners remain complacent, you can be assured that overseas competitors will be aiming your customers locally, and if you do not prepare ahead of time, this will likely lose many of your customers online.

However, most websites online are making losses due to poor online strategies. Tired of paying expensive advertising fees, but getting poor sales, low profits margins and unsure of how to grow your market? Read on to find out how our exclusive 1 day hands-on workshop can help you get started on your global market selling ideas.

Quick Start-Up and only 10% of Traditional Business Costs
In a traditional business like opening a fashion clothings store, with rental, renovation and investment in stocks, you will need at least RM500,000 to start a store in a good location. If you can have spent only 10% of this amount for an online store, you can get a higher profit margin and at least 1,000% bigger market as you can sell globally. Which one will make you more money? Setup a shop to sell to clients within the 10km radius or online to target GLOBAL customers?

If you retail outlet is doing very good business, would you have increased rental fees or lower rental in future? I have seen many physical businesses go out of business because of high space rental costs, some with increments as high as 80%! For online stores, your annual hosting fees will surely cost less than your physical shop rental of 1 month.

However, if you are new in business, you can also avoid the pitfall of stocking up tens of thousands dollars of merchandise investment if you fully understand how to use the Internet to do your sourcing locally and globally.

Selling Wholesale B2B Online
If you have own products and or is a manufacturer, are you already getting wholesale or bulk orders from the Internet? You should learn how to use the popular B2B online marketing tactics, especially how to use B2B portals to feature your products. is pleased to announce that we the official certified training partner for Alibaba, the World’s Largest B2B marketplace. Fione Tan, says “Qualified wholesalers, manufacturers will also get a FREE Verified Membership. If you just have an account online in any B2B marketplace but do not use the functions properly, you will likely end up at the bottom or last pages of the results when the buyers search for your products online.”

Sourcing for Hot-Selling Products to Sell Online
Are you a beginner with no products or unsure what to sell? Does that mean you have to fly to China, source for suppliers, and then pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy stocks? Use the professional service of offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China, to help you find reliable suppliers offering export-quality products even without investing in any stocks.

If you already have your own suppliers and own products, you can also plug these in to your online mall and then use the powerful online marketing tactics that eOneNet is using to sell millions of dollars products online annually.
For business owners who are juggling the headaches of rising staff costs, increase in rental but reduction in profit margin, it might be the best time to discover new business models to generate new revenues, even if it means you need to come up with a brand-new business model online.

Register for 1 Day Hands-On Ecommerce Workshop
Join the First Time workshop in JB (Chinese version) or KL (English) workshop!
No.1 Internet marketing coach, Fione Tan who has started her global online business since 1999, will share with you the latest trends for eCommerce in 2014.
eOneNet will be conducting a hands-on eCommerce Workshop to (limited seats available) for new entrepreneurs intending to start online business, or business owners who wish to expand their products globally. Tea breaks and lunch are provided, so all you need to do is to bring your laptop.
What will you learn?
• What are the hottest products to sell online and how find suppliers
• 2 Simple Tips to get Free Rankings in Google (SEO that you can apply instantly)
• Effective online marketing tactics to increase your online sales
• How to start a global eMall Store with products and make 250% profits
• Social media strategy to increase 1,000 Fans
• Millionaire Asian B2C and B2B online sellers case studies
In the upcoming hands-on training, you can get up-close and personal to meet Fione Tan in person where she will share tips on how the best online franchise suited for you. In Nov 2012, Fione Tan received the Business Women of the Year Award from Malaysia Prime Minister, Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak.

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Interview of Fione Tan

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