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Online retail platofrm a gateway for authentic brands

Malaysia SME - October 15-28, 2016 -

28Mall.com, the first luxury online shopping mall, wants to help local SMEs list on their platform. Seeking to eliminate counterfeits, the platform claims to be the only online shopping mall which sells 100% authentic products.

“We aren't just looking for big brands. We'd like to help even local SMEs, with something unique to offer,” said Fione Tan, co-founder of 28Mall.

The platform uses a new shopping rewards points system called HongBao, which gives away free shopping points in the form of HongBao dollars (HB$) to entice members to join.

Each member gets a random amount of up to HB$28 (equivalent to US$28 in value) when signing up for the platform. The member can then share the HongBao with friends via Facebook or Whatsapp. When that friend accepts the HongBao dollars.

“Our HongBao system is the first of its kind, and by giving away free shopping HongBao and allowing members to share it with friends using social media, we are confident that HongBao can go viral globally, just like Facebook,” said Tan.

At the signing ceremony held recently in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Amber Chia, Malaysian top model and principal of Amber Chia Academy, was appointed as brand ambassador for the online shopping platform under and exclusive contract.

“I am honored and thrilled to be the brand ambassador for 28Mall. With my wide network of other brands which I present, I can add value by introducing these brands to join 28Mall,” said Chia.

“We are not another market-place; we are the first luxury online shopping mall which only accepts mid to high-end genuine brands to open stores on our platform. We ensure all the products on our mall are authentic. I guess we are the only online shopping mall in Malaysia to have million ringgit-worth luxury watches for sale,” exclaimed Tan.

According to 28Mall.com marketing director Harrace Lau, the platform currently has over 100 brands operating. He also said the company aims to not just focus on Malaysia but the whole Southeast Asia.

28Mall was set up by the co-founders of eOneNet, a marketing company which helps companies sell and increase sales online using various platforms and online marketing tools. It is the winner of several awards, including Hong Kong Distinguished Brands 2009.

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eOneNet.com, an Internet Marketing Asia company started in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur with offices in Singapore, HK and China. Founded by Fione Tan, it has won numerous awards regionally. eOneNet is also the Certified Training Provider of Alibaba.com

Online retail platform a gateway for authentic brands

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