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How I Made My First Million

MalaysianToday newspaper 9 Aug 2007

She put all her ※loves§ together, started her business, and is now loving every minute of her life.

She loves shopping. She wanted a job that earned her money even when she wasn*t working. She is always on the Net. These things became motivation for 29-year-old Fione Tan to start a business and reach for the skies. At 22, she started her Internet company. It is currently the number one Internet coaching firm in the world. Google is testimony to this. Just type Internet coaching and the search engine will show Fione Tan*s name right up there.

Tan also has several innovative IT products she retails online. On setting up her business, the Jinjang-born US graduate told herself she*d get a million ringgit in five years. But barely two years down the line, she had already achieved that dream. ※Since then I*ve been getting more every month,§ she chirps gleefully. Naturally, this has helped her indulge in her shopping activities. ※I just love to shop. A day before my recent wedding in Hong Kong, I was still shopping around for clothes. And I was in town until 10pm and bought about six gowns.§

But being young and very rich has its drawbacks. People don*t treat you seriously, especially when you are about to buy something very expensive. ※When I walked into automobile showroom and looked around, no sales person bothered to entertain me. And when one finally came my way, and I asked him how much a particular BMW model 每 the latest of its kind - cost, he gave me this incredible look that seemed to say: ※You must be kidding me! Why are you wasting my time?§ ※Then I took out my cheque book and the look on his face was priceless.§ Tan admits that it*s nice having a business and doing what she*s always wanted to do; what she*s really passionate about.

※# but it*s even better when you find money being banked into your account while you*re on a holiday.§ When it happened the first time, the amount was US$6,000. Needless to say, it launched her onto cloud nine. Tan*s gotten used to this occurrence since.

Tan started her business with a friend. Together they made the CEO 每 which was she 每 and the chief consultant of the company. As they didn*t have enough money to get the company going, they found some shareholders who gave them US$26,000 based on their ※simple proposal on four sheets of black and white A-4 size paper. ※The investors 每 angel investors comprising several individuals 每 had their own businesses. And they shared our belief in the Net, that it could do wonders. A few of them were Singaporeans. So we went down and did a presentation. They asked us the most basic question: Why do you want to go into an internet business when you don*t even have a background in it, and you are a girl# But I managed to convince them from my passion for the subject.

※They came from a very Chinese background and were very easy going. As they too weren*t too familiar with the subject and since we were not asking for a lot of money, they agreed without much of a hassle. We only needed to show them some successful case studies and they were sold.§ The rest, as they say, is history. For those planning to start a business, Tan has this to say: ※No matter what dreams you have, the ultimate thing is taking action. You can*t just think about it. You have to make a point and do it. The opportunities are always there: tremendous opportunities everywhere - if you only open up your eyes to see them.

※Most ※innovative§ ideas aren*t really ※new§, they are just old things being done in a different way. All you need to do is to know what you are good at, recognise your abilities and strengths, look at things around you and be inspired., ranked the No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, is headquartered in Malaysia with the regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. It is the only Internet marketing seminars, training, and one-stop ecommerce solutions to business worldwide who wish to expand to Asia, or vice versa.

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internet marketing news - "How I Made My First Million" -  Fione Tan,

internet marketing news - "How I Made My First Million" -  Fione Tan, How I Made My First Million - MalaysianToday - e1Net Internet Marketing Company News.






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