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The Star newspaper 14 Aug 2007

Internet marketing tips shared by Fione Tan, Head Internet Marketing Coach of

Can a normal person really make money online? Do you need to be a technical whiz or become a proven brand before you can attempt to sell on the Internet?

Let¡¯s take a look at the current internet situation. The largest region with Internet users is now Asia, with internet users listed at 399 million as of March 2007 (source : Nielsen NetRatings), followed by Europe then America.

The trend for online shopping is topping all time highs and there will be even more transactions in the years to come.

What is Internet Marketing or Internet Business?
Doing business on the Internet is similar to doing business offline. Transactions are made when the seller can provide a value to the buyer. This is not just limited to selling digital products like ebooks or softwares, but it also encompasses trading of products and services.

Through the various internet marketing training & website coaching that we¡¯ve organised, we have even seen normal people being transformed into multimillionaires via the Internet.

Here are some success stories and how it came about.

Ryan Li, become a full-time internet business entrepreneurs in just a couple of months. He attended our US$2,400+ Internet Marketing Coaching, with no ideas and no products. So, how did he turn things around?

The first thing we discussed in our coaching program was how to find hot-selling products. We decided to sell crystals (

Initially he wanted to target the local Chinese market in Hong Kong only, but was later surprised that foreigners were buying his products. Now he has started looking into B2B (business to business) wholesale exports to France! Recently, his online crystal business store also won the acclaimed Yahoo Top Seller Award in Hong Kong.

For business owners and companies, I will share the story of Ruby Chan. While she was pregnant, she wanted to learn how to do internet marketing to help in her husband¡¯s business. She purchased the eOneNet Internet Marketing Home Study DVD ( details on ) and studied at home while utilising our online coaching tools.

She later created and sales has been over HK$450,000 since starting the coaching with eOneNet in 2006. She predicts she will be hitting One Million Dollar in sales in 2007!

For more information about eOneNet advanced coaching and read more testimonials of other success cases go to

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Fione Tan is also available for business consultancy and she has been coaching International Companies on internet marketing strategies. More details about her can be found at

If you wish to learn more of internet marketing and how it can work for you, check out the regular Internet marketing seminars by eOneNet in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

More seminar schedules can be found at or call Malaysia : 603-7710 5618 or 6012-232 8878 , Singapore 65-6339 9219 or Hong Kong 852-6309 3618., ranked the No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, is headquartered in Malaysia with the regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. It is the only Internet marketing seminars, training, and one-stop ecommerce solutions to business worldwide who wish to expand to Asia, or vice versa.

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