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The Star Newspaper - March 2, 2016 -

The Star Newspaper - March 2, 2016 - For business owners who are wondering how to integrate eCommerce, the trend now is "Offline to Online" or "Online to Offline", better known as "O2O".

In recent years, many retailers who have yet to embrace eCommerce have been overtaken by online retailers. Some have even closed down.

On the other hand, retailer who integrate O2O have recorded positive growth in sales.

The question is not whether or not retailers should start doing O2O, but when and how. chief executive officer Fione Tan started her online business in 1999 and has helped new entrepreneurs, business owners, retailers and manufacturers find suitable online marketing tacticsto reach their business goals.

Tan, nicknamed the "Internet Marketing Queen", has sold a wide variety of products online ranging from apparel, baby products, jewellery, and electronic gadgets to health products and organic skincare globally.

Through's popular "Internet Success Coaching" programme, many new Internet entrepreneurs have been created, including Malaysians.

This year, eOneNet will launch the first Social eMall for the world's finest brands, targeting online and mobile shoppers from Malaysia and other countries in Asia.

It is the world's first to integrate five platforms: WeChat, Facebook, mobile, online and apps.

The WeChat app has more than 900 million users worldwide, while Facebook has more than 1.5 billion users.

Uniqueness of the Social eMall

Unlike other marketplace where anyone can open a store to sell products, the new Scoial eMall will only accept merchants with reputable brands.

It is positioned as the "Suria KLCC" of online shopping malls with the finest brands hand-picked from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and other countries.

It also has a no-tolerance policy for counterfeit products.

"Based on our experience, customers have more concerns about the quality and authencity of products rather than the price." says Tan.

"The new eMall will be the ultimate choice for the distinguished online shoppers for better quality products."

Contact eOneNet's Merchant Team to learn more about how to enjoy a pre-launch seller promotion package and double your online sales.

Free to shop for branded products

Branded products need not necessarily mean "expensive". The Social eMall will be the first to launch a revolutionary "Social Shop for FREE" reward system.

It enables members to shop for branded products for free by sharing on Facebook and WeChat, and expects to reach one million membters within siz months of launching and double that number every six months.

"When customers have shopped for branded products for free in our new eMall, they will be excited to share with others via Facebook or WeChat. This is how our eMall can go viral and become one of the leading online and mobile shopping destinations in Asia". says Tan.

Free money to shop for new members

New members who register for the new eMall during the pre-launch period can get up to RM1,000 to shop for free for items ranging from the latest electronic and skincare products to jewellery.

Visit the booth at 121 @ Malaysia Retail Chains Expo in Mid Valley and register as a free member to take part in its "Shop for Free" programme.

Make money online from eCommerce

For those wishing to learn how to start an online business from sratch, including sourcing tips, attended eOneNet's training programme for RM21.20 using the promo code E20 at

About, an Internet Marketing Asia company started in 1999 in Kuala Lumpur with offices in Singapore, HK and China. Founded by Fione Tan, it has won numerous awards regionally. eOneNet is also the Certified Training Provider of

O2O or zero business for retailers

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