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Learn About Net Marketing
The Star, July 25, 2006

SELLING one's products or services over the Internet,though with its many benefits,is not as easy as it may seem.It is said that 90% of Internet businesses fail,mainly due to one's inability to perform effective online marketing.

The Star conducted an online interview with Fione Tan,President and CEO of,recently to assess the power of savvy e-marketing and what wonders it can do for Internet start-ups.

Q: Why do 90% Internet businesses fail,and how does one avoid repeating the same mistakes that others have made in the past?
A: To getsales on the Internet,website owners should look at various online & offline marketing strategies, and according to most surveys,search engine positioning is one of the most effective techniques to drive traffic to your website.

Q: What is Internet marketing(or e-marketing)and why is it so important?
A: Internet marketing is being able to efftectively promote your brand and website over the Internet,via online marketing strategies.For small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs,it's more cost effective to learn online marketing by attending our training workshops.See

Q: What is the seminar all about?What is it called?
A: The basic seminar is called the Internet Success System: How to sell online and make real money. It's a step-by-step seminar,which gives participants the A to Z on how to start an Internet business.

Q: Can a normal,not-very-Internet-savvy person really make money on the Internet?
A: Yes,of course that is possible if you follow the correct strategies and actively spend time applying the new techniques you have learned.

Q: How is the Internet Success Coaching programme structured?(Is it on a full-time basis and for how long?What about busy working professionals?)
A: This programme starts off with a two full-day hands-on workshop using a computer with live Internet broadband connection.

After the intensive two-day course we start them on the weekly action plan coaching,where we give them week by week instructions on what to do for a particular week.

A participant is expected to spend about 10 hours per week in orfer to complete their website project and start making money in six months.

About, ranked No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, and headquartered in Malaysia and with regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, is the leading Internet marketing company in Asia to offer Internet marketing seminars, training, and solutions to businesses worldwide who wish to expand to Asia.

More information can be found at, and

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(852) 2972 4198 (Hong Kong)
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Selangor, Malaysia
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