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Star, 14-2-2012

Despite uncertain economy around the world in 2012, eCommerce keeps growing and is expected to have double digits growth even in US and Europe. In Asia, the growth will be expected to be even higher. For those businesses which have started eCommerce operations, the challenge is how to select the most cost effective online marketing tools and channels to grab customers globally. For those budding entrepreneurs who want to start an Internet business, the additional challenges are to find out what to sell online, and the process of selling online. Award winning coach, Fione Tan, President and CEO of, the leading Internet marketing company with offices in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and China shares tips on how to make money in 2012.

Tip #1: Research on hot products trends online

One of the common mistakes most Internet entrepreneurs made is to sell whatever they like, or what they have in stock, without doing market research. Then they spent money, time and effort to create websites, and to do marketing, only to find out that their products are not selling, because there is little demand online. According to Tan, the first step is to research in popular online shopping malls, such as, what the hot selling products are that people are already buying online, before deciding what to sell. The hot selling products in 2012 include apparel, electronics, toys, games, and ebooks.

Tip #2: Do not invest in stocks

“Newbies who are selling products for the first time should not invest in stock inventory, otherwise, there will be a high risk of undisposed stocks, ” Tan advises. The risk free option is to order the products from suppliers after orders are received from customers. A good example is, a website run by, which received orders for masks from many countries, during the SARS, bird flu, and H1N1 outbreaks. After payment was received only then eOneNet ordered the masks from the suppliers.

Tip #3 Create “smart” website

90% of the websites are outdated in terms of functionalities and customers’ requirements. Most people purchased the latest smart mobile phones because they want to use the phone not just to talk, but also to go online, to watch videos, to download and use apps etc. However, most small and medium sized businesses are reluctant to invest in new “smart” websites with similar functionalities. To meet this need, has launched a new Web3.0 Mega Website Builder integrating eCommerce, social media and video functionalities, details at This site builder is not just a website creation tool, but a marketing portal which incorporates the latest marketing functionalities such as Facebook, Youtube, and up to seven languages versions can be added to the site without additional costs. The killer function is its super SEO (search engines optimization) compliance structure which makes it easy to get free top rankings in Google, Yahoo and even China search engine Baidu, according to Tan., another eOneNet website, is selling high end Japan organic skin care products, receives orders from US, UK, Korea, Middle East and other countries because of its free top rankings in search engines.

Tip #4 Engage in Top Online Marketing Channels

A website is no more than an online catalogue (except Web3.0 websites mentioned above). How can customers find out your website, out of millions of websites selling similar items listed in the search engines? The winning website owners invest the time and money to do marketing, using the latest effective marketing channels. According to a US Marketing Report 2011, the top 5 channels which companies invested in include: website design and optimization, social media, virtual events, search engine optimization, and email marketing. For small and medium sized companies, instead of hiring Internet marketing companies to engage in these marketing channels, which would involve costs for each of these, the better option is for owners to learn how to do by themselves, because once they have learned, they can engage in these marketing channels without paying for additional costs.

Tip #5 Choose the right coach

With a lucrative market, there are now many Internet marketing companies or coaches offering advices or seminars for Internet marketing and eCommerce. However, not all are equal. Ask about the company background. When did they incorporate? Do they have their own office or merely use another company’s premises? Do they also have offices in other countries so that they can give you an international experience? To run a successful Internet marketing course, there should be support from a team of full time staff, not just freelancers. operate out of their Grade A office in Kuala Lumpur, and even have offices in Hong Kong and China. The full time staff include a team of professional IT personnel.

Beware of “overnight Internet marketing gurus” who learned from some seminars, did a simple website or blog, and then turn around to teach. It is very easy to organize an internet marketing seminar and self-proclaim to be “Internet marketing coach”. Just google their name or website and see the no. of search results relating to their sites showing up. If there are many search results, it shows they have been around for a while. Beware of those newbie sites who only got a few listings. You should also differentiate those listings which relate to their sites and other listings which are not related, which may also show up in the search listings. Be sure to listen to those who have already achieved the results you want to achieve. Ask for samples of some products that they are selling and judge if the experience is adequate for a variety of products, or only limited to selling just one or two types of products. started in 1999, and since then, have successfully sold B2B, B2C products, services and even digital information to customers globally. Some of the websites and products that has been selling range from H1N1 flu mask to Japanese certified organic skincare. Google eOneNet and find about 100,000 search results. has trained thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs to use free and effective Internet marketing strategies for more than 10 years. has won award including : the 2011 JCI Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award ( Malaysia ), 2011 Distinguished Enterprise Marketing Award ( Hong Kong Metro Radio ), 2009 Distinguished Brand Awards Hong Kong ( Capital Magazine ) and 2008 Malaysia Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs (SME Corp).

Bonus Tip:

More tips for starting and marketing a successful Internet business will be revealed in eOneNet’s 2012 Internet Marketing seminar, including hot products trends for 2012, the 10-step success system of selling online, and tips for getting free top rankings in search engines.The cost is RM98, but there is a special online credit card payment rate of RM38 with the promo code “ star38 “.

Like them on and get a free ebook on How to Start & Create your Million Dollar Internet Business. For more information, visit or call 03-2284 6418 or 012 232 8878.

Make Money Online – The Star Malaysia
Make Money Online, The Star 14 Feb 2012

How much money is the Internet Marketing company making online, selling product, services, and not selling classes?

If the Internet Marketing coach is really earning money online, you are guaranteed that you are getting real experience and useful knowledge. Ask about samples of some products that they are selling and judge if the experience is adequate for a variety of products, or only limited to their type of products selling. deals with millions of dollars via the Internet, and has even created the highest number of Internet millionaire entrepreneurs, via Internet marketing coaching.

Evaluate the course topics. Do you need to buy multiple classes?

If you can get a class that gives you multi-angled Internet marketing topics, you will learn more techniques to start and promote the website. Also, evaluate the experience of the speaker or trainer in those topics, and the level of success. coaches have been actively running various websites, and give practical advice from their own experience. The advanced Internet Marketing coaching that they offer starts from RM1,500 per month, and topics are updated regularly. There are no “ additional workshops” to sign after this advanced workshop.

Be careful of internet marketing courses that try to sell you more courses later on ( back end sales ). informs the clients who have already signed for their advanced coaching of all items ahead of time, and there will be no “ extra advanced ” courses.

Actual experience in selling globally, not just locally

To get consistent income and achieve business growth, you should aim for the global market. If currently your business is limited to the local market, imagine the possibilities if you can target customers globally.

Since 1999, eOneNet has been selling various merchandise online, to customers globally, ranging from the United States to Africa.

With Asia being the largest internet population market, think about methods to target Asian countries, and not just only how to sell to the western market. The biggest Internet population is from China, but what works in the US might not work in China. Therefore, Hong Kong and China offices can provide insights on how to sell to the world’s largest Internet market-China.

How to find the Internet marketing coach on search engines? has gained thousand of number one rankings in search engines, and has trained many Internet marketing students to also gain the number one rankings for free, bringing in sales of over US$100,000 per order for the clients.

One proven way to find customers is to get the Natural Top 10 Rankings in search engines, especially Google.

Avoid learning search engine optimization (SEO) from gurus claim to know it but can’t display any real competitive search keyword natural listing.

Who are trainers or coaches? chief executive officer Fione Tan has been hired by various clients, ranging from Japan to Middle East, paying up to US$4,500 per hour. She will be one of the trainers of the eOneNet advance workshops, and will be handling the majority of the personalised online follow-ups with each student. Internet Marketing Coaching workshop begins with hand-on workshop in a classroom of about 30 only, followed by personalized one-to-one online coaching to ensure that they can offer you the best custom-made solution to your problems when running your eCommerce business.

Since 1999, has trained thousand of business owners and entrepreneurs to use free, effective Internet marketing strategies. has won award including : the 2011 JCI Top 10 Creative Young Entrepreneurs Award ( Malaysia ), 2011 Distinguished Enterprise Marketing Award ( Hong Kong Metro Radio ), 2009 Distinguished Brand Awards Hong Kong ( Capital ) and 2008 Malaysia Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs (SME Corp).

Like them on and get a free ebook on How to Start & Create your Million Dollar Internet Business.

Want to get started immediately, and discover how to make money online, in 10 simple steps? Sign up for the Facebook x Google marketing Internet seminar by, to learn how create a million dollar Internet business via eCommerce.

The cost is RM98, but there is a special online credit card payment rate of RM38 with the promo code “ star38 “.

For more information, visit or call 03-2284 6418 or 012 232 8878.


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