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Making Millions Online

The Star , 12 Oct 2010

Website and online marketing are now integral components in many organizations but are you maximizing the full potential of the Internet to boost your online sales? Your website should also be using the latest ecommerce technologies and integrate popular social media marketing to create your company image of being an “up-to-date” company. Fione Tan, founder and CEO of, with over 10 years of experience in managing multi-national websites, and doing eCommerce globally, shares secrets of million dollar eCommerce websites.

Go Global
If starting a website business, it is better to target globally as the market is much bigger. Malaysia itself has about 17 million internet users but the biggest country in terms of Internet population is China with over 400 million internet users! Which “cake” is bigger? What if your product or service is only available to Malaysians?

“As an intelligent business owner, we should look at how to come up with additional sources of income and not just rely on one source itself. In many occasions, business owners have even created new website businesses just to sell worldwide as they will not let go of such an exciting opportunity. If your current business is limited to a local location only, then why not think of new ideas that you can expand globally, while freeing more of your time but earning higher returns,” says Tan.

Therefore if the effort is spent on creating your website, it should be able to appeal to a global market audience. Moreover, the purchasing power of average internet shoppers in other countries are very appealing e.g. 2009 eCommerce spending for France was £22 billion while UK was recorded at £38 billion.

This means that your website should be able to offer worldwide delivery and include popular celebrations such as Halloween or July 4 th holidays as part of your promotional campaigns.

Which is an easier website name to remember? Your or You should opt for a domain with .com for better brand building and marketing purposes.

One of the reliable sites you can check for available domain names is Once you find a good domain, you should register it as soon as possible. You should remember your id and password for the domain manager and if you have purchased several domains, you can even forward all these domains to one single website (called domain forwarding or domain cloaking services that are normally offered for free).

What are considered good domains? Apart from registering your company name such as, you can also register your industry or products name such as . “If the .com has already been registered and other domains extensions such as .ws , .biz or .net are still available, my tip is to just think of another .com so as not get confused with another similarly named website,” suggests Tan.

Making Money Online - Fione tan
eOneNet's Intergrates eCommerce,
videos and social media in one platform

eCommerce Shopping Experience
Since you intend to get customers to direct order and pay online, are your items “buy now” buttons in place? If your physical store has 1,000 items you do not need to put all the items online. Instead, just select the more popular or higher profit margin items to be displayed for selling online. Here are tips to enhance the eCommerce Shopping flow:-

  • Can customers click the “buy now” button and easily fill the form to complete the transaction?
  • Can customers choose payment methods including credit card payment or bank in payments? You can also apply for your free Business Paypal account online at and start accepting credit cards from worldwide customers. When your online income exceeds RM400, these amounts can be transferred to your local Malaysia bank account.
  • Your products shown in various angles or multi photos such as the certified organic skincare ingredients and icons photos related to each item. If you sell a dress, you can show not only the front view, but also the sides or back view. Having clear photos of different product angles will make customers more comfortable in choosing and buying online.
  • Videos of your company or products. If you are selling a service, clients would like to see your premises or you in action, therefore you can create videos about your services, products or companies such as the samples at where not only do they show you videos of the will writing consultant, they also show videos of why you should start planning your will.
  • Multi-lingual ecommerce portal. You no longer can have just a website, you need an e-commerce platform where your webpage contents are available in various languages. According to a US survey, customers are 4 times more likely to buy from a site that shows the contents in their native language.

If your website has been created years ago and is unable to fulfil the requirements above, you can revamp and invest in a brand new ecommerce portal software such as the one developed by eOneNet, touted as World’s first 3-in-1 web integrating eCommerce, Social Media and Videos in one platform, and where you can even sell ecommerce in multi-lingual, multi-currency and SEO friendly website navigation.

Social Media Marketing Enhanced
Social media allows companies to meet new clients and maintain relationships with existing customers. Have you created your Facebook or Twitter profile for your company? Are any of your employees managing these pages? It is now very common for prospects to check your profile online, and even communicate with you before they buy anything from your company. “Each week, I get emails from prospects that visit our social media pages such as before buying our services, and after replying to their messages, they are even more inclined to buy,” says Tan.

Learning and mastering these free marketing strategies is not an option, but a must if you wish to drive sales online globally. Now you will have a chance to join eOneNet Web2.0 social media marketing seminar worth RM98 for only RM38 if you register online at and enter promo code of “star38”. is now operating in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. For enquiries, call +603-2284 6418 or +6012-232 8878.

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