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How to use Social Media to Boost Your Sales

The Star , 8 June 2010

Everyone is talking about social media and abbreviations such as FB are now common terms. By 2014, 164.9 million US users are predicted to be regular social media sites (eMarketer report), and a similar upward trend in the growth of social media users worldwide will take place. However, how do entrepreneurs and business owners use social media as part of their online marketing strategy and how can you turn this into actual sales?

In this issue, Fione Tan, CEO of ten year old internet marketing company - and multi-millionaire Internet Marketing Coach who sells a variety of B2B, B2C, services and even digital products on the Internet, shares 4 simple tips on how you can integrate Social Media into your business.

Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan
You Can Learn More About Fione Tan on Twitter

Display Facebook, Twitter, and other icons on your website and retail outlet

Majority of popular online sites have added these icons to their website and you should do the same. For example, where we have added icons of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and even the link to our internet marketing blog.

Those icons should not just be shown on your site, but it should be hyperlinked to your direct account e.g., the link for YouTube will link to our internet marketing videos channel at and not to the home page of YouTube.

If you have retail outlet or company brochures, you can also add in the web address of your social media accounts with a simple message such as Visit us at in your printed materials.

Upload Image of Company Logo / Founder to Social Media

Consistent branding is vital for all businesses, therefore choose the corporate colour theme and upload the logo or even the photo of the founder to the social media channels. It’s surprising to see some companies upload blur, and unflattering photos of the products as the icon of their social media account. It might be the first time the prospect has seen your brand and such photos will make your company seem unprofessional.

Create a company account Page

Rather than share the profile of your business with your personal account, it’s wiser to open a Company account such as and where you discuss your company new products, sell company products on this channel and not mix it up with your personal profile account such as

These pages should also be customised with your own design to create a lasting impression to your brand.

Reward your Social Media Followers

Everyone loves a good deal. If the clients or prospects are following your news on social media, reward them. Examples are :-

  • Give out vouchers / free samples – you can allow them to redeem products or services with those vouchers
  • Create a contest – you can run a contest such as submitting in photos of them with your products, or submitting in testimonials and it can be a weekly or monthly giveaway
Fan Club only Special Gift – selected merchandise are available for free only for your social media marketing members. For example, free internet marketing ebook for download for al the members (Facebook icon for become a Fan has been changed to Like It and this allows customers to feel more at ease to “Like” your company page)

internet marketing SEO

The best thing about social media is that a majority of them are free! Therefore, nearly anyone can start promoting via social media. The main issue is how to run a successful social media marketing campaign and managing these new platforms as it has become very competitive.

Moreover, is your current website ready for Web 2.0? If you have outgrown your current website, then you should consider to revamp your website to give it the competitive advantage to be a Web 2.0 feature website, such as the search engine friendly site builders offered at

If you are interested to start your own Internet Business, or want to create more sales for your Company via social media marketing online, you are encouraged to check out the bestselling Half day Web 2.0 Internet Seminar to learn How to Boost Your Website Traffic and Sales Revenue with Social Media and FREE Top Search Engines Rankings. These eOneNet courses are available in English and Chinese and available at various cities in Malaysia.

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