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eOneNet warns free Singapore Internet marketing seminars
September 9, 2006

The saying that ˇ°there is no free lunchˇ± may not be true in Singapore. In the past few years, there are a whole bunch of free seminars being held in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and other part of Asia.

Giving away freebies, including free seminars has long been a viable marketing tactic, namely, to entice prospects to use or test your products or services. However, some unwitting participants thinking that they could take advantage of getting free stuffs sometimes ended up paying an arm and a leg after attending the seminar.

In particular, a US company selling websites has been giving ˇ°free lunchˇ± seminars in Singapore and other part of Asia, and have succeeded in enticing a few hundred people to attend each of its seminars. Thinking that they could get free lunch and a free seminar, some of them ended up paying for up to US$10,000 for buying 6 websites, which they had to build by themselves. As most of these people are non-techie, they would have a hard time building even one website, not to mention six.

For those who like to attend free seminars, they will be disappointed to learn that eOneNet never gave free seminars. The reason why eOneNet could afford to charge a fee for their seminars (while others are giving free seminars) is because eOneNet is providing content-rich seminars, not just a preview of another expensive course. At the end of the seminar, most of the participants could expect to pick up some useful Internet marketing strategies and tips even though they did not sign up for anything.

For example, one participant, after attending the seminar, has improved the ranking of his website from page 5 to page 1 of Google.

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About, ranked No.1 Internet marketing company Asia in top search engines, and headquartered in Malaysia and with regional offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, is the leading Internet marketing company in Asia to offer Internet marketing seminars, training, and solutions to businesses worldwide who wish to expand to Asia.

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