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Warning from No.1 Internet Marketing company Asia: Looking for web design? Just go to any web design company or web designer. Web hosting? Go to any web hosting company. Want to be No.1 selling online? Learn from the No.1 Top Internet marketing coach ranked by top search engines - This site offers everything you need to sell online, and make profits, globally, whether you are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Asia, Middle East, U.S., Europe or anywhere else. Blog Releases Review of Hillary Clinton Internet Marketing Strategies in Her Bid for Presidency, 22 Jan 2007

What¡¯s Hillary Clinton, Senate of New York and former First Lady, got to do with Internet marketing? Internet marketing may help her win the next presidency election.

There is a breaking news last weekend that she will be running for presidency. From the news, she has posted some videos on her website promoting her election. A visit to her website reveals that she is fully applying killer Internet marketing tactics?to?support and?promote?her election campaigns.

In the US, it¡¯s now common for politicians to use the Internet to promote their campaigns. In this case, Hillary Clinton¡¯s official site is at So how does she embrace Internet marketing in her site? There are at least 8 ways she is doing it right.

  1. Branding for Presidency: The website has just been updated to reflect her intention to run for the presidency, with a prominent logo on top of the site "Hillary for President"

  2. Video: With the rave of YouTube, online video has become an important online marketing channel. It¡¯s no wonder that Hillary has immediately made available her speech declaring her intention to run for presidency on her site

    In this 3 minutes video, dressed in powerful red jacket, she spoke confidently and passionately about the reason why she has made the decision to run. It sounds convincing and?would save?a huge advertising budget to run this on TV again and again.

  3. Live webcasts and chats: People can register to join her for a series of live webcasts and online chats

  4. Viral Marketing: There is a ¡°Tell Your Friends¡± feature to enable visitors to spread out the words for the webcasts. A complete review of other Internet marketing strategies deployed by Hillary Clinton which can win her the next presidency can be found in¡¯s Internet marketing blog at

Obviously, at the end of the day, Internet marketing plays a crucial role in winning the Presidency campaign. Any candidates who ignored the power of Internet marketing or failed to fully embrace Internet marketing will almost certainly have an uphill battle to fight.

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