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Warning from No.1 Internet Marketing company Asia: Looking for web design? Just go to any web design company or web designer. Web hosting? Go to any web hosting company. Want to be No.1 selling online? Learn from the No.1 Top Internet marketing coach ranked by top search engines - This site offers everything you need to sell online, and make profits, globally, whether you are in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, Asia, Middle East, U.S., Europe or anywhere else.

How to make your first million!

Marie Claire Aug 08

Join Marie Claire and for an enlightening workshop on How To Sell Online & Make Your First Million

Fione Tan has been growing her online sales from scratch at 100% per year starting for 5 consecutive years, and ranks as the world’s Top Internet Marketing Coach in international search engines, with offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is a sought after international speaker for e-business, entrepreneur development and women-in-business events, training more than 20,000 people across Asia.

How to make your first million - Marie Claire - Fione Tan

"How to make your first million! - Marie Claire - Fione Tan"

5 Tips To Make Your FirsT Million online
Have you been thinking of making money online, but do not know how to start? Fione Tan, President and CEO of will give you tips on how to start an Internet business and be on your path to make your first million online.

Here are 5 tips to kick-start your Internet business:

1. Give yourself 3 reasons why you want to make money online.

2. Set your goal to make a certain amount e.g. One Million dollar on or before 31 December, 2008. Do not just state “I want to make as much as possible”. Setting a clear goal will lead you to the path of reaching your destination easier.

3. Plan what to sell online which can give you your targeted revenue before end of 2008. This can be a combination of selling products, services, information. Check out popular products in eBay, or using the keyword tool research tool in Google. It does not matter if you are not a manufacturer or wholesaler. You can just be a trading agent.

4. Learn and master new ways of Internet marketing, such as getting FREE top rankings in search engines, social marketing (such as Facebook, MySpace), video marketing (such as YouTube), and apply to what you are selling. These are some of the top ways to generate traffic to your website, and the best part is, they are free.

5. Don’t just aim. Shoot!

Many people spent months just doing the research, and still not deciding what to sell! Worst still, some people have thought of starting an Internet business for years, but have got the courage to get started, or after getting started, do not have the commitment to follow through.

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- Top 5 business models to earn US$3k to 30k per month
- How to get free top 10 rankings in Google in 48 hours
- How to draw massive traffic to your website
- Million dollar websites reality show

About, ranked Asia's top Internet marketing company with offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, and ranked No.1 Internet marketing company Asia by Google, specializes in helping SMIs to expand their business globally and get top rankings in international and China search engines, and offers services including guaranteed top rankings in international and China search engines, email marketing in the legal way, and Internet marketing training and coaching. Clients include both multinational companies and SMIs in the region. For more details, visit

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How to make your first million - Marie Claire - Fione Tan
“I set up my Internet company from zero in 2000. Now I have annual online sales exceeding 7 figures, and am ranked World’s No.1 Marketing Coach” - Fione Tan, CEO,


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