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Increase sales at no extra cost

The Star , 12 April 2011

The recent disasters in Japan have resulted in economic losses especially for companies operating in Japan. If similar disasters were to hit your city, it will definitely affect your business. That is why business owners should prepare ahead by coming up with innovative sales strategies and not merely be a follower of the industry so that there will be something to fall back on should a major catastrophe happens.

One of the most effective methods is to use low-cost internet marketing to increase company sales. Internet marketing coach and www.eonenet.com chief executive officer, Fione Tan shares tips on how business owners can benefit from internet marketing.

1 Sell existing products, services online

An online presence via your ecommerce website is just like an additional platform. With a website, you can sell your products and services online, to anyone, anywhere. For products, you can place photos, description, and price of the items. Customers should be given the option to pay via credit card, or bank in to your company account. If you stick over 10,000 products, you need not list all of them online, but display only the high-demand items.

For services, be it catering, private tutoring, or business consultation, it can also be offered online. Just list out the service. www.malaysiawills.com for example, offers will-writing services online and managed to get top rankings in search engines thus, it is able to reach out to a bigger target market.

2 Create new range of products or services for global market

If your company is only selling to a local audience, why not star looking at the global market? The target market is bigger and you also have the chance to sell your products in US dollars. You can also aim at a different language market. Although your materials and website contents are in English but you can create a similar set in Chinese and Korean, so that you can cater to Koreans and Chinese-speaking customers as well.

To create multi-lingual websites, many companies opt to use a system such as www.megawebsiteBuilder.com that allows you to create multi-lingual web pages and also accept payment in multi-currencies. To request for a demo, call the software can help you create a 3-in-1 video, social media and e-commerce website.

Fione Tan Internet Marketing Queen
Learn from Tan how to market your company or products effectively on the internet

3 Promote benefits of the products

Customers look at how an item can help solve their problems or hot it benefits them. If you are selling facial masks for instance, you are selling facial masks for instance, you should promote its benefits such as how it can lighten your skin tone and that it uses organic ingredients. You can also offer the solution online.

Take www.1DebtConsolidations.com for instance which guides customers on how to reduce loans payments and get out of debts fast.

4 ) Offer online order for special products

There are many product that customers are embarrassed to ask in a store. For these range of items, you can offer them online. Customers can browse online at their own time. They can also submit their enquiries online. A good example is www.1BikiniHairRemoval.com.

5 ) Create a brand new business

It is common to have a clothes retailer to star an apparel website while having another website about losing weight. This means with earn money from other businesses too. You just need to design a website, buy a domain and apply internet marketing tactics to boost visitors and increase sales.

To ensure that your new website will be noticed by customers and enable you to rake in money, you should focus on effective internet marketing tactics. According to Tan, popular online marketing strategies that business owners should use are:

· Getting free top rankings in Google, Yahoo, Bing and Baidu

· Connect with customers using social media networks

· Offer customers irresistible offers online

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