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Make Big Money Online

The Star , 9 August 2011

There are many ways one can earn money online.

There are people making money online. However, most people are not sure how to do so. Some of the major problems faced by those who want to start their business online include not knowing what to sell, not knowing how to start, not knowing how to create a website or how to draw traffic.

According to Fione Tan, award-winning Internet marketing coach and chief executive officer of Internet marketing company www.eOneNet.com , there are skill sets which can be learnt. Here, she offers tips on how to resolve such problems :

1.Sell existing products and services online

An online presence via your eCommerce website is just like an additional platform. Think of it this way, when you open a retail outlet in a shopping mall, it caters only to shoppers of the mall and thus, you end up having to open various retail outlets with substantial cost. With one website online, you are able to sell your products and services to anyone globally, not limited to your local market.

For your products, put in the items’ photos, description, and price with the option of credit card payment or banking in to your company account. If you have many products, display high demand items, which yield better profit margin.

Services, be it catering service, private tutoring, or business consultation, can also be sold online, by listing out the service package, what is included , price and photo for this services.

Sample includes www.InternetMarketingCoaching.com where eOneNet sells Internet marketing coaching services at thousands of US dollars which have attracted customers from all over the world.

Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan
Key to success : Tan says it is more efficient to learn from those who are already making lots of money online rather than through trial and error.

2.Create a new range of products / services for global market

If you are only currently selling to a local audience, wouldn’t it make more sense to look at the global market, which has a bigger target market and offer you a chance to sell in US$ rather than R M ?

Sometimes it can even be as simple as targeting a different language.

For example your website content may be in English, but when you create a similar site in Chinese, or even Korean, you will immediately be able to cater to Chinese-speaking and Korean-speaking customers as well.

To create such multi-lingual websites, many companies opt to use the latest website system such as www.MegaWebsiteBuilder.com, a Web3.0 application integrating eCommerce, social medial, and video, which allows you to create multi-lingual webpages and also accept online payment in multi-currencies.

To request for a demonstration on this, contact eOneNet.com office to see how this software can help you create a professional website with all the latest functions with a starting price of USD98 per month. Some of the websites built by this software include www.SYLJapan.com and www.1DigitalOnline.com.

3. Sell a benefit or solution, not a product

A customer buying a product looks at how the item can help solve his or her problem or benefit them. For instance, if you are selling a facial mask, you can’t just say it’s a mask. Sell its whitening benefits and anti-aging properties which uses organic ingredients, such as stated on www.SYLJapan.com

If man people are faced with a problem, you can offer the solution online, such as www.1DebtConsolidations.com which guides customers on how to reduce credit card, loans payments and get out of debts fast. This type of service, will not only cater to locals, but can be a popular service among countries like US, and Europe too.

4. Offer Online Order for “Special Products”

There are many products that customers feel shy about purchasing in a store. For these items, offer online shopping as customers can browse and submit enquiries from the privacy of their home.

5. Create Multiple Sources of Income Online

Some business owners who wish to start a brand new business, are reluctant as i t will take up more of their time, and money. However, on the Internet, a business owner can run several different types of businesses at any one time. This will bring them multiple sources of income.

It is common for a clothes retailer, to run an apparel website and a website on losing weight simultaneously.

This means with the additional website, you will earn money from other businesses too. All you need is a website using a website builder software, buy a domain.com, and apply internet marketing tactics to boost visitors and increase sales.

6. Top Traffic Generating Techniques (Free)

No traffic, no sales. Even you have good products to sell and a great looking website, there will be no sales if your website does not have enough traffic. The top ways to get traffic for free include:

Search Engines Optimisation (SEO): Getting free top rankings in search engines, is the best source of traffic, which is targeted and has the highest conversion rate among other ways of generating traffic. Many successful websites of eOneNet and its customers are able to sell globally, including Japan, Korea, Latin America, Middle East, other than the more popular countries like the US or UK, because their websites are able to get top rankings in Google.

Social Media Marketing: The latest traffic generating techniques are no doubt social media marketing, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

The key is to learn how to utilize there tools, which are still free, to promote products and websites virally. According to surveys, more than 35% of people visit a Facebook site before deciding whether to buy into a site. This means that if a company does not have a Facebook, it will lose at least 35% of potential sales.

Go to www.Facebook.com/eOneNet and “like” this page to view more tips.

With the simple tips above, you can start your Internet business with low set up and marketing costs, and start making money online.

“The key to success in making real money online is the willingness to learn from successful role models who are already making tons of money online, not to learn by yourself and waste time through trial and error,” says Tan.

If you wish to learn from successful role models, attend eOneNet’s Internet marketing seminars on Aug 24 (English) and Sept 6(Chinese) in Kuala Lumpur or Sept 25(Chinese) in Johor Baru. Register at www.eOneNet.com or call 03-2284 6418. The regular cost is RM98, but there is a special online credit card payment rate of RM38 with the promo code “star38”.


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