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How Can You Make US$1,000 a day Online?

The Star , 14 Dec 2010

Making money online has been one of the hottest topics on the Internet for many years but have you tried it out? Doing an internet business is very similar to you running a traditional business. With the right products, right market, right promotion, you will discover how easy you too, can also make money online.

Fione Tan, CEO of who has been running internet businesses online since 2000, now shares tips on how to she is making millions of dollars online.

Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan
Fione Tan, featured as Top 50 Most Inspiring Women in 2010
by Her World Magazine

1) Finding a Hot Selling Product

It’s not just selling any product that you like. If you sell a product that is hot-selling, you are likely to earn more money than those entrepreneurs who simply sell any items online. Let’s say for instance, you have 2 ideas, product A is being searched by over 100,000 people worldwide while product B is only searched by 30 people worldwide. Which item would you choose to sell?

In some scenarios, business owners complain that their current business is not doing well and that entire industry is going downwards. Doesn’t it make sense to then start a new business in a new industry rather than focus your energy in a sunset industry?

2) Target Worldwide Customers – Global Market

The worldwide market online is definitely larger than our local market. Why should you only sell to the 17 million internet population in Malaysia while there are bigger markets like USA or China that has over 420 million in internet population?

To target worldwide customers, it means your website should be multi-lingual and you should accept multi-currencies online payment. If your current website is only available in English, you should add in Chinese languages if you wish to target China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. However, when deciding on how to design your website, it is crucial that the website can support such requirements. That is why many entrepreneurs choose Do-It-Yourself website builders such as to build their website into multiple languages, with search engine optimized website pages for their ecommerce website. Samples of worldwide ecommerce website include who is selling Certified Organic Japanese skincare with worldwide delivery.

3) Make Sure your Website can be Found on Search Engines

In researches done on how customers behave when shopping online, the No.1 method for customers to find you will be using search engines such as Google & Yahoo!. When a user types in the product keyword such as their problem, the solution required, or the product brand, is your website listed in the Top 10 of the search results globally?

You can have a choice of either advertising on the search engines as pay per click, just like how some big US retailers are spending US$1 million a month just on search engine advertising, or for the long term low cost strategy, learn search engine optimization (SEO) to secure free Top 10 rankings in the search engines.

Sometimes entrepreneurs focus only on search engine but forget the more important criteria, which is to actually get a SALE. That is why in eOneNet, we focus on results-based SEO, which can bring in high quality customers and result in website sales improvement.

4) Constantly Apply New Marketing Techniques

The day we stop learning, is the day we start to fall. I’m sure many of you have heard of this. It’s not just what knowledge you have, but how you apply such knowledge into practical actions. As an internet marketing entrepreneur, we should be on constant look out for new ideas and new strategies to find customers, build relationships with prospects and eventually grow our online sales.

Apart from search engine techniques, website owners are using Social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogs to connect to new customers. Facebook Business pages such as allows prospects to actually communicate with the company, enquiring about new products and share their happy testimonial about how much they love your products.

5) Ask the Correct Internet Marketing Coach

Now that you have decided to start your website business, should you ask for opinions and advice from others? Choose wisely on whom to listen to. If you aim to start a website business and make US$20,000 monthly, then there is no point listening to a consultant who has never even sold online, or to a website coach that is merely earning US$1,000 a month. You need a coach, who has made at least 5 folds of what you aim for, and with the adequate amount of experience in this business. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the coach and also visit the office from which they will be supporting you from, before you decide on hiring them as your Website Business Coach.

“One of my Malaysian student recently informed me that he is making net profits of US$1,000 a day from his websites after attending eOneNet’s workshop at When he started our advanced internet marketing coaching program, he did not even have any product ideas, so based on his passion and expertise, I suggested him some instant ideas that he could do immediately” said multi-millionaire Internet Marketing Coach, Fione Tan.

It is definitely possible that you too, can be earning this income online, provided that you follow the steps from the correct Internet Marketing Coach.

If you already have a website but receiving poor sales, or you wish to start your internet business, attend the internet marketing seminar from eOneNet. Register for Web2.0 social media marketing seminar worth RM98 for only RM38 if you register online at and enter promo code of “star38”. which was setup in 2000, is now operating Internet Marketing Offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. For enquiries, call +603-2284 6418 or +6012-232 8878 or visit their website at

For details on seminar dates, visit or subscribe to free internet marketing news at Internet Marketing Blog. Alternatively, follow eOneNet news at .


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