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Visionary Netpreneur
The New Straits Times, 27 Mar 2006 (Malaysia)

By Rozana Sani

New Straits Times, Tech & U - technology news for internet & IT

Q: Can you describe your current scope of responsibilities and tasks?

A: As CEO of, I oversee the operations of our off ices in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. I am tasked to come up with alliances and partnerships to strengthen our worldwide brand position.

Education and training of new Internet entrepreneurs is one of our key divisions, and I take on the role of the head Internet marketing coach for our worldwide clients who am enrolled in our Internet marketing coaching programme I'm also constantly on the lockout for the introduction of new products and services of the compan, including developing new product lines.

internet marketing expert, eOneNet web site company

Q: What do you enjoy most a work?

A: One of the main benefits of being in an Internet business is that I'm able to leverage on the power of the Internet and automate the business while targeting a global market. Therefore even when them is a major holiday in a specific country and the office team is on leave. we can still receive online sales and generate income for the company 24 hours.

For me, I treasure the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, and still be able to generate income even when I am enjoying a holiday abroad. Plus, being able to use my creative skills in testing out the process of ,fing new product and services using the Internet makes this an ever changing and exciting industry to be part of.

Q. What is your management philosophy?

A: Since we are a small company, I encourage teamwork and creativity to ensure each team member is able to multi-task. To enable the company to survive and thrive, we have trained all our staff members to be a salesperson and reward them with cash incentives for their efforts.

We use various Internet tools to save costs and improve turnaround time. Being an avid traveler, I am still in close contact with all the offices to ensure that the operations run smoothly. Therefore, the office environment is casual and close-knit at the same time. However, when we work, we expect that each member puts In his full commitment and work towards improving his productivity.

Q. What would you consider a significant milestone in your career?

A: There have been many milestones which have strengthened my belief in choosing to launch my Internet business ranging from being able to expose the benefits and successful strategies to new entrepreneurs, to helping customers get their first sale on the Internet. When the clients succeed, I feel proud of their achievement and feel glad that they are willing to share with me their successful case studies.

When I am able to be a role model to inspire other women, other entrepreneurs worldwide, to achieve their dreams, I am driven to push myself to aim for higher targets. My most significant moment would be when my customers, eve, from foreign countries ranging from Europe to the US, tell me, "You are my inspiration, and I have more confidence now."

Q. Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: In five years, I see myself establishing more offices in Asia and turning my company into a leading global brand in the Internet market while at the same time toning more coaches and staff to take on my responsibilities so that I will be a visionary of my company and semiretired.

Q: What are among the key information and communications technology (ICT) issues and challenges faced by Malaysia? What would be your answers to address thew issues and challenges?

A: Malaysia provide, a stable and cost-effective environment for many people to start their ICT project. However, the entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to take risks to work on their dreams are still not as apparent as in certain countries.

The speed of ICT adoption can be faster. Thus, we will be able to come rip with more solutions and products a good as our global competitors. It's only when the people themselves are willing to accept and learn more about how they can use technology to improve their lifestyle, then ICT companies will be able to flourish.

Apart from targeting Iocal cosemers for ICT products and services, we should focus on a more lucrative target market and then learn the correct product marketing skill, to promote our local products to the global audience, rather than just focus on our technical expertise as the main selling Point At the end of the day, it's a for, of business that relies on marketing and customer satisfaction.

Q: What am your hopes for lCT for the country in terms of the sector, technology development and usage?

A: I look forward to having more funds and support available for new entrepreneurs who have decided to start ICT projects This wall encourage the development of more new product from Malaysians.

For traditional companies that wish to embark an ICT projects, to improve their productivity and global competitiveness, there should be reimbursement or, rewards through special schemes in terms of their expenses and commitment for such technology upgrades.

Malaysia itself is a strategic location for launching a re, business, therefore even a home-based business entrepreneur can unit the Internet and any ICT tools to launch their ideas to the world!

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Internet marketing celebrity spotlight - interview with search engine expert, Fione Tan

The Internet can be a profitable platform on which companies and entrepreneurs can increase sales and build brand names, provided if they have the right plan and strategy. This is what Fione Tan, president and chief executive officer of, strives to impart through her six-year-old company, writes ROZANA SANI.

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Malaysia New Strait Times - online article of visionary netpreneur, internet expert, Fione Tan of eOneNet


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