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eOneNet to dotcom local business

Jaring Internet, August, 2001

Fione Tan has turned one-year-old dotcom marketing consultancy firm, Sdn Bhd ( into the shelter of profitability. Even in these lean times, business is still good. Together with Harrace Lau, eOneNet's co- founder, they have ploughed RM300, 000 into the dotcom. Despite the signs of profitability, both are constantly keeping an eye on their purse strings to ensure that their monthly burn rate is kept well below the RM30, 000-mark.

Tan is quite happy in her spacious office, nestled in Megan Phileo Promenade, Kuala Lumpur. Between sips of piping hot tea, she speaks of her desire to make eOneNet a favourite pick of brick- and-mortar companies who wish to get online.

And about the shortage of time. (She spends most of her time with her customers and co - workers, instead of shopping or bonding with friends.) The momentum appears to be building, and according to her, the time is ripe for local businesses to experiment with the Internet. 'Our businesses won't have time to experiment with the Internet when the economy recovers. There's a slack now, which is an opportunity - and presents the time - for local businesses to consider the Internet option', she explains. The slowdown in local business pace gives room to try small-scale Internet strategies and pick the winner, rather than have no strategy or experience with the Internet at all.

As such, eOneNet is bending backwards to aid local small-and- medium sized fires get acquainted with the Internet, beginning with a hands-on approach to creating a Web page. With this emphasis, Tan and her team have developed Web Creator 2000, an interactive and user-friendly tool, specifically designed for use by a non - technic person. 'I've had a 50 - year - old businessman who could only type with no finger, didn't even know how to use an email, create his own site in less than three hours after completing our workshop," said Tan The emphasis is again on time as she explained that participants especially those from the non internet generation usually begin to warn up to the internet once their 'work' is uploaded to the Internet.

"Their morale is boosted. They fell encouraged." After all, their work is on line after 'experimenting' with the Internet in just three hours, she indicated. The current version of Web Creator 2000 has more than 100,000 templates, to help any layperson create smashing Web pages quickly. The pages can also be equipped with shopping carts and Internet commerce capabilities. And even if the Internet commerce component is not utilised, Tan reckons it's still a great way for local small firms to showcase their products and services. Asides Web Creator, eOneNet also provide consultancy services ranging from RM1, 280 per annum to RM2,830.

For the absolute IT illiterate, eOneNet currently offer three- hour workshops on Web designing using Web Creator 2000 at its premises. 'We tell our participants the prerequisite and the necessary material to bring beforehand. At each workshop, we help scan any pictures they bring and would like to use it when they create their site. All our workshop sessions are kept small because we want to give personalised one - to - one attention,' said Tan.

The dotcom also provides free advertising via is online Primer Global Business Directory. The listings are created online and appear in eOneNet's site at the category and country of choice section. The business can even update and make changes to the business details anytime, anywhere by logging in with their ID and password. Other services included search engine submissions and tips on Internet marketing. On the latter, Tan and Lau also organise non-technical Internet seminars to educate the general public about the Internet, the trends and online marketing and promotion tips..

"Some local companies have sites but we've observed that there is hardly any value to these sites. Hence her initiatives to conduct seminars, which bear themes, like "Increasing Customers and Multiplying Sales Online" and "10 Deadly Dotcom Sins and How to avoid them". Recognising the important of Tan's pitch, the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malaysia has recently collaborated with eOneNet to organise a three - day conference and workshop (July 31 to August 2), targeted at top - level executive. The event is part of the 2nd Annual e-Business Ownership Campaign 2001 (eBOC 2001).

Speakers included nine top local and international experts like MSC Ventures Corp's chief executive officer Sarina Karim and Search King, Inc ( chief executive   officer Bob Massa. Tan reckons, at 23 - years old, that she will be the youngest speaker during the conference. But that has not bothered her. It's time, she's worried about.

"eOneNet to dotcom Local Business - Jaring Internet"

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