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DIY approach to Web Design

Jaring Internet, Feb, 2002

A few years ago, it would have been next to impossible for a HTML illiterate to design a website. Today, you no longer need a geeky computer wizard to develop web pages for your business. Microsoft FrontPage, Adobe Page Mill, Netscape Designer, Macromedia Dream- weaver and other easy-to-use Web page editors, some of which are offered free on the Net such as ('s HTML kit, allow even non - programmers with zero HTML and scripting knowledge, to create professional looking sites with photos and forms.

These softwares include their own set of designer templates for a variety of documents. These pre-designed formats for documents include placeholders (grid lines, boxes, 'dummy' text) for key elements such as text and graphics. All we need do is to add our own text and graphics and to choose the appropriate typefaces.

So why aren't all small businesses with limited budgets using these applications as a low-cost solution to showcase their products and services? Perhaps they do not have the time to learn these applications by trial and error, or the owners themselves need a personal tutor beside them to guide them every step of the way. Many Malaysians, especially adults with little IT knowledge, prefer to have a tutor to show them just how to accomplish certain tasks rather than to fiddle around with the software or use the Help bar when they're stuck, said Fione Tan, president and chief executive officer of Sdn Bhd, an e-business and e-marketing enabler headquartered at Megan Phileo Promenade, Kuala Lumpur.

An intuitive businesswoman, Tan has tapped into this market with the aid of the company's own set of designer templates known as Web Creator. Small, personalised hands-on Web design classes using the company's software are held at eOneNet's office for both companies and individuals interested in designing their own sites for either business or personal gratification and have a budget of below RM5, 000 to accomplish this.

Every client, in addition to having his/ her own personal computer to work on, also has a tutor sitting right beside him or her. Lessons are conducted based on the assumption that clients have zero knowledge of computers, even to the point of turning on a PC.

Case in point, eOneNet's oldest client so far, was a 55-year-old gentlemen who had never used a computer before but was determined to create a website for his Business. And he did it - even though it must have taken him ages since he typed on the keyboard with only two fingers.

'We also tell our clients to bring their contents such as the text, photographs, illustrations, etc and then we'll help them design the site to their preferences,' said Tan. Lessons also include using computer peripherals like a scanner, loading images taken from a digital camera, touching-up to the images prior to unloading, how to change designs and update profiles. offers two packages using Web Creator. The less expensive of the two, the Pro Account, costs RM980 per year inclusive of domain registration and web hosting for a year. The package includes the creation of up to seven Web pages, hyperlinks to an order / feedback page, special offer / discount voucher page (if necessary) and a link to's online payment system for companies wishing to do online business but cannot afford to have their own payment gateway. The Gold account, which enables the creation of up to 21 pages, also has more choice of templates.

eOneNet's client, Lim Meng Sheng, whose business involves office and home renovation, spoke candidly to us about Web Creator and eOneNet's services. 'The classes are flexible and the consultant communicates in layman's language that's easy to understand and teaches at a comfortable pace. The day we met, Lim was the only student and was being guided by's Web designer Calvin Ng Kang Wing. A true believer that the Net is a great leveller where small businesses with only a few employees can compete on the Web head-to-head with the IBMs of this world, Lim's reason for creating a website was obvious. To attract more business his way. It also served as a means of showcasing his work to potential customers.

Another satisfied client we spoke to was Mary Ann Joseph Bekking, a therapist for autistic persons who is currently managing her own business known as Mary Anne Special Needs Centre Sdn Bhd ( in Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur. I created my website to shed light on what Autism, Aspreger Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is about and the services I am offering. What I truly appreciate about is the value added services they provide, like providing me feedback on a catchy domain name. And when I'm working on the website at home and hit a brick wall, I find it a convenience to pick up the phone and holler for help.'

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"DIY approach to Web Design - Jaring Internet"

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