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Successful Women CEOs : They Mean Business

Her World Magazine, March 2011

What is the most important lesson you have learnt based on your work experiences?

I have learnt that is vital to be humble and constantly be open to new ideas. There will always be new tools, new technologies so as business owners, we should apply them to our future marketing ideas in order to keep abreast with the trends.

What is the most common pitfall in business that women entrepreneurs face?

Most women entrepreneurs are intimidated by technical terms and worry more about what they do NOT know. Worrying will not solve the problem, so if you just take action and work on it, there will always be a solution.

Successful Women CEOs : They Mean Business - Fione Tan Internet Marketing Queen
Fione Tan, CEO of eOneNet.com, Malaysia

Do you feel there is sufficient support from fellow women entrepreneurs in helping other women entrepreneurs?

I believe that if they are good women entrepreneurs, they will be willing to cultivate other younger entrepreneurs and share their valuable experiences. I feel that there is still a lack of support from fellow women entrepreneurs, some of whom are even terrified that younger entrepreneurs will become 'smarter' then they are and therefore, present more obstacles rather than support.

If you could make something better for women entrepreneurs, what would that be?

I would ask all women entrepreneurs to make faster decisions and take action now! if you know that this business is a good thing for you, then do not let stress from family or friends distract you from your desired goal

How do you handle the ego/pride of your other half as chances are you are the more dominant breadwinner?

Im fortunate that he is also working in our company, therefore, we get to discuss different issues and we both have a good understanding of each other's work. In public, I am the face of the company, and therefore, some customers even prefer talking to me than my husband. However, he is very understanding man and he handles a different part of the company. We have our own responsibilities. Behind a successful woman, there is a supportive man.


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