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Singapore Licensing Business Warning*: Don't attend other Singapore Licensing Business Seminars or buy a franchise business before you attend our franchise oppurtunity seminar!
World's First eMall License
Open Your Global Online eMall License
Why Join eOneNet?

World's FIRST (and Singapore's) Global Online eMall License
300 industries and 1 Million products to choose from
Products suppliers, logistics, mall design, marketing & operations
training included

  Have you thought of buying a franchise, but are deterred   by high franchise fee and high shop rental?

  Now you have a chance to join Singapore¡¯s fastest growing business with "franchise-like" business model with just less than 10% of the average franchise   investment, with low License fee, no payment of shop   rental, and no investments in buying stocks, but profits can   be 10 times or higher than a typical franchise.

  Sounds incredible? To find out this greatest business opportunity of all times, you are invited to attend the Global e-Mall License meeting to be held as follows:

  How You Can Afford to Buy a Million Dollar e-Mall License:

Open Global Online eMall & Make US$1 Million in 10 steps

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Register : +65-9232 4928 / +603-2284 6418

Register now for Licensing Business Seminar to launch World¡¯s First eMall License in Singapore
Bernama, Mar 2014 Lancar Francais eMall Pertama Dunia di Singapura
Yahoo Malaysia, Mar 2014

New License to Start your eCommerce eMall to Sell Globally
License Asia Magazine, Jan 2014

eMall License Marketing Trainer CEO, Ms Fione Tan

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