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e1WEBTOOL - Apple Quick Time

One of QuickTime's strengths has always been its ability to handle multiple file formats, now this has been enhanced even further. With added support for Macromedia Flash, stream able MPEG1 and now support for SMIL (Syncronised Multimedia Integration Language), as popularised by Real and used extensively in Click & Go

  • Simple editing function via multiple windows, although simplicity restricts customisation of video
  • Large variety of media formats supported
  • Simple user interface for home users
  • VR walk through’s and 3D panoramas
  • Can be streamed from FreeBSD, RedHat Linux, Solaris, BeOS, and Windows NT/2000 and the Darwin Streaming Server is free
  • Encoding and streaming incorporated into one application
  • Streaming Server can handle up to 2,000 streams using RTP and RTSP
  • Encoding from a pure digital source is of very high quality
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